Several Star-Like Objects Come Down in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Battle Ground, Washington
Date of Sighting: July 4, 2014
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM PDT

Description: From our back porch we saw what looked like a star in the distance, but it was moving steadily, not fast, coming from the south heading north in a horizontal direction. Then we watched it changed direction and come down from the horizon vertically and very swiftly. We then saw two or three more in the northern direction all coming down from the horizon in a vertical line. They were taking turns coming down in a straight line. Two of them came fairly close by and cruised silently above us. I had my infant granddaughter in my arms and I was pointing them out and talking about them to my 5 year old grandson, and I couldn’t help it, but feel like they were coming over to take a look at us too. As they got closer they did not resemble a star in the distance anymore, but had more of an orange color. My husband and I were talking about what we thought they were and ruled out pretty much everything. I would say the shape was round. It is very hard to describe what I saw because it was completely confusing, but there was something in the center of the objects that was moving rhythmically. At first I thought it looked like a fire, then I thought it looked like a snow globe with orange snow, but I think it was a digital type line, maybe like a horizontal lightning bolt moving across the middle of it in a rhythmic motion. We watched the two pass over us and head north, and from there they went smoothly and swiftly up to the horizon looking like stars in the distance again.

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