Shape Shifting Cloaking Object Near Kennedy Space Center.

Location of Sighting: Merritt Island, Florida
Date of Sighting: March 28, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM EDT

Listen to Clip of Interview With Witness (YouTube):

Description: A man was outside enjoying the evening and saw an object that he first thought to be a helicopter. The witness was quite excited when he called and reported his about 12 hours after it occurred. He said that he barely slept after the sighting. He was looking to the north and noticed that the lights were diverging, becoming more numerous and dimming. He could see a dark area between the lights. Skies were clear at the time of the sighting. He thought that the object changed shape to a boomerang shape object. He estimated that the object was 1/2 mile wide and was moving northeast. He was in the street yelling for his roommate or neighbors to come out and see the object. The object was only visible for about 30 seconds. He did not take any videos or photos. The object faded out and left a trail of light behind. The lights varied from a blue-red to red-orange color. The object was silent. He heard helicopters in the area at the time. The witness did not believe that the “object came from here” and he had never seen anything like it. He is very familiar with space craft and military craft as he sees them regularly. He had not discussed the sighting with co-workers for fear of ridicule. A clip of the witness interview can be heard above.

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