Shiny Chrome Colored Object Flies Out of Puffy Cloud.

Location of Sighting: Athol, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: December 8, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:30 AM EST

Description: This is my experience with a UFO at 8:30 AM in Massachusetts. I was on my way back from dropping my daughter off at school. The sky was a very bright blue with some huge puffy white clouds. I just happened to notice a very bright shiny chrome colored object peek out of an enormous puffy cloud. And just as quick as I saw it, it tucked right back in. It was the most confusing thing to happen. I don’t even know how to describe how bright the chrome or silver this object was. Nobody will ever convince me it was any kind of plane, jet, helicopter etc. There was no time to see anything other then a sliver of whatever was up there. I did not see the shape or size, but the simple fact is that the silver, shiny sparkle was so bright it was like catching the light reflecting off a diamond. I would say aliens don’t exist ,yeah right! But this being the second UFO I have seen with my own eyes convinced me there is something out there. I’m not scared because if they wanted to hurt us they probably could have done so by now. Considering my sighting twenty years ago at midnight. I was letting my dog out I was around fifteen and out of nowhere a straight beam of light dropped down in my yard about twenty feet away from me. It was maybe two feet wide and so bright. I ran inside and never looked up. There was a roof on the patio I was standing on. I didn’t see where the light was coming from other than in a straight line past my yard at five to ten miles an hour. But there was no sound to be heard. Living in a small town at midnight I was probably the only person awake to witness this. I will always be greatful I stayed on the patio or I would be telling a story of abduction I’m sure of it.

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