Shiny Round Reflective Object.

Location of Sighting: Bogia, Florida
Date of Sighting: February 23, 2021
Time of Sighting: 9:30 AM EST

Description: I saw a helicopter turn to follow highway 29 North. I was traveling South. I turned back to the highway after it passed and was drawn to a shiny round reflective object quite some distance away on my right front traveling East to West. I thought it was sun reflecting off a plane, but realized it was not a plane or sun reflection. I reached for my phone to video, but once I got my password in and the phone ready to record, the object disappeared. The disappearance was like you took a quarter and moved it slowly behind a piece of paper until it was gone. The sky was a pretty blue and there were no clouds in the sky at all, just a beautiful blue landscape with nothing to fly behind to disappear in this manner. This happened AFTER an experience that I documented in text messages to my family while caring for my parents who were sick. This experience involved a different realm, or dimension, that like the round object, I cannot explain. I am not a doctor, but the knowledge and direction for what happened was “provided”. I am a Christian, educated man, but I do not know how to explain what i’m saying very well. I only know I have a great sense of urgency inside that I am supposed to tell (someone) and I have no idea who or why and am not wanting any attention on me or my family. I will tell my experience and allow my texts to be read, but I do not wish attention. What you think is your business. I was there and am a different person now as a result.

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  1. Adam W says:

    I saw this on July 29th, 2021 at approximately 1500 – 1510 driving from Jacksonville, FL USA. I was driving 295-N, which loops and starts to go south toward Orange Park (if you have driven 295 it makes sense), and as I passed exit 33 or 32 I noticed a shining ball or rounded football shaped thing in the sky. There was a wall of dark clouds behind it and I at first thought it to be a plane, but it was too round and wide. For me, it hovered in the same place high above the tree line and then it began to fade into nothing, got intensely bright once again, and then vanished completely. I want to look for dash cams now that can capture something like that because it was there and gone so fast.

    It may be a month later from your sighting, but I believe that what we saw was the same thing.

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