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8 Responses to Sighting Reports

  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    The Bridal Veil Oregon 2010 UFO photo enlargement didn’t seem to match in color (white and gray are colors) and shape the small UFO seen in the basic photo. However, doughnut-shaped UFOs are common in North and South America and the UFO could have radiated energy waves that distorted shapes on the enlarged photo. Maybe Bruce Maccabee, an optical specialist at could comment on the photos.

  2. Kenneth Larson says:

    I think the correct spelling of the area in England where a man took a video of two objects in the clear sky on April 2, 2013, is actually Hertfordshire and not the incorrect spelling of Herefordshire, England. I have a book by the British author Adam Rutherford, and he lists the correct name as Hertfordshire, England. During World War Two, I was stationed in England with the American 106th “Golden Lion” Infantry Division.

  3. wm says:

    tues oct 2 2012, appx 1820 hrs. my friend and i leave santa barbara, ca to run an errand to carpinteria which is maybe 22 miles. i think we were about 2 1/2 exits from our destination. as we headed south, (yes, there is another witness) we saw the craft
    coming from the sse and headed nnw. when i first saw it it may have been of 1000-1200 ft elevation. it appeared to be at least 200′ long. it descended on the diagonal from 2 0’clock to 8 o’clock. i guessed it’s speed to be around 200 knots…i had perhaps two seconds to view. large and triangular but i remember the colors of brown and deep
    green along with some areas which were reflecting the sunset. i think there may have been some recessed areas, down the side of the craft, that may have been doors or hatches-i don’t know . my friend got a more detailed look i think; once i saw it I KNEW
    what it was so i was interested trajectory, elev, speed, etc. upon seeint it, (my first sighting) i was not willing to just “let it go”, as so many do i believe. about 50 mins later, i’m home. i am horrid w/ computers but googled ufo, recent, etc. someone in century city had seen it and photographed it and posted it on a site (daily sightings)
    it was already posted. i think what we saw coming in off the ocean and heading into the foothills, was the century city craft driving home. no, not pneumbra nor images from windows, clouds, etc. we were less than 1 1/2 mi from it on a clear evening…..and saw this massive craft. i’ve also been told by several different persons, some not knowing each other, that there is a base in the hills behind carpinteria. all i know is i know what i saw

  4. M.W. says:

    It was Thursday the 26th of July and my brother and I were going south on State St from Smokey Point to 4th St in Marysville, WA. Looking over the Puget Sound my brother and I saw a square object the size of a house. We followed it as long as we could and pulled over to get a picture, but lost it in the clouds. The time was between 3:30, 4:00. Did any one else see this?

  5. Goan Dude says:

    To view the Latest UK Meteor/ Fireball Reports spotted near Devon on 03rd Mar 2012 go to the following YouTube address:

  6. Jay says:

    I an not a huge believer, but last night (Dec. 31, 2011) I saw what looked to be 7 to 10 orange-red lights in the sky. I was with my wife who also witnessed this. They were off to the SE of Albany NY for about 10 minutes. I got out of the car, but was unable to get a good picture from my phone. The whole way to the restaurant we could see them. Then they were gone. I am just wondering if anyone over towards, Massachusetts or anywhere in the Northeast may have seen this.

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