Silent Hovering Giant Oval Craft.

Location of Sighting: Central Falls, Rhode Island
Date of Sighting: 1952
Time of Sighting: 2 PM Local Time

Description: I was about 13 years old when I Happened to look up and right over my head was a giant oval type of craft. There was no sound and absolutely no movement. It looked like it was a picture pasted up in the sky. There were other people around me, but I felt alone just staring at this eerie craft of some kind. The sun was shining on this metallic craft. I used to love to watch the Hodie Dudie show with Buffalo Bob when I was a kid. At the time of the sighting I remember seeing Buffalo Bob kneeling down on one knee waving me to come into what I thought was an airplane behind him. I said no because my mother would never allow me to go into an airplane. The next thing I remember was being in front of my house and the street lights were on. I had missing time. I told my mother and father that I saw something in the sky. They turned on the news that evening and it was explained to be swamp gas. I know it was no gas it was definitely a big craft. I didn’t talk at all about this for over 50 years to anyone. It was as if I was told in my mind to forget about this and not to ever talk about it. These memories only was talked about in the past few years. I am now 78 years old. One other thing that might be a red flag is after I got married I never got pregnant for 10 years. Doctors said they couldn’t find anything wrong with either my husband or myself. I finally got pregnant after 10 years. I’m really suspicious my eggs might have been taken. I know this sounds crazy. I am a level headed person with a college education. I’m definitely not crazy. I am very suspicius about this large craft that I saw.

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