Silent Object With Rotating Red & White Lights on Underside.

Location of Sighting: Great Falls, Montana
Date of Sighting: January 27, 2021
Time of Sighting: 6:30 AM MST

Description: This statement is a true statement and I swear upon my soul and those of my dearest depart that this statement is a fact – as far as I can judge it to be – at least regarding to the present reality and dimension that we as human beings find ourselves in.

I had been awake for some 3 to 4 hours ponderously looking from the bed, out through the semi-open blinds at the early morning sky. Sometimes in the distance I can see the planes that are like specs of dust, they are so far away. This morning, today I watched what I thought was one of these planes, but it wasn’t shooting across the sky, it appeared to be heading towards me! As it got closer it was gaining size as it approached. I thought: “this can’t be possible!” Then I thought “My God!” It’s gonna crash into the house! My next thought, as I began to sit up in bed, was that it must be a helicopter and that it was low and passing over head? At this point let me state that we are not far from Great Falls airport and that the Malmstrom Air Force Base is only about a mile from where we live. Yet, it wasn’t a helicopter and whatever it was came to hover maybe 50 feet from the back window. On its underside were a mixture red and white lights that were randomly bouncing about on whatever the electrical system was. There was not a sound. It was absolutely silent. At this point I was in the process of leaping out of bed, running towards the window. As I frantically pulled apart the blinds it vanished without a sound from view. At this point my wife was hollering at me, asking me what the matter was. I wouldn’t declare that it scared me, rather that it was mainly unsettling, to say the least. I stood at the window for a long while staring into the approaching dawn. No, I was not dreaming, and it was not sleep paralysis. I have encountered that phenomenon twice in my life and can tell that that phenomenon was far more scarier in its encounter. No, I was wide awake. I know that I experienced something. Let me declare here that I am very aware that the mind can play tricks on one. I’ll give you an example. About six months ago I felt my wife roll over. I thought she had got out of bed and was needing the toilet. I saw the image of her pass the bed and I called her name and asked her if she was alright. She looked at me but said nothing and went into the toilet. She seemed to be in there for a long..loooong time. I simply presumed she had vacated the toilet through the other door, got up and had decide to go to her computer. Suddenly she rolled beside me and at that point I realized that she hadn’t got up at all! I think in this case I expected her to go pass the bottom of the bed so my mind conjured her image which was of my expectation. That seemed plausible, and I am wondering if the scenarios are similar. I am not one for random flights of fancy. Those who know me I’m sure will attest to that fact. Yet the strange experience of the craft with it’s rotating lights was an absolutely vivid image. Sometimes, I guess, some things have to remain unanswerable. But it was an intriguing experience to say the least.

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3 Responses to Silent Object With Rotating Red & White Lights on Underside.

  1. Steve says:

    Interestingly, this closely resembles the craft I saw in the early morning of January 10, 2021. I’m south of you, in southwestern Idaho. I had been working on a very early morning network cutover, and was heading home just before dawn. During my half-hour trip, I saw and watched the craft as I drove, noticing the strange white and random red lights. From my vantage point on I-84 heading southeast from Mountain Home, it was to the left of the moon. I watched it the entire time. When I reached my destination, the sun was rising, and the craft was still in the sky, hovering in the same place. As the sun hit it, it appeared white, reflecting light, and nearly blended in with the clouds. Luckily, there were few clouds, and they moved aside and I was able to see it. It was bell-shaped, and the lights could no longer be seen. It was my intention to grab my wife’s camera and take pictures of it (she has a great camera with an amazing zoom), but when I got to the bedroom, I was too tired and passed out. When I awoke several hours later, it was, of course, gone.

  2. Joel Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett, from Joel Small. This report from the great State of Montana is most reflective of many people who see unidentified aerial phenomenon in that somebody will see such objects – whether during day or night – and these can appear as objects without lights, or with lighting, and often it’s the lighting that draws them to notice them, but more than a few of these objects are reported to seem to just ‘disappear’ in place! My brother and friend witnessed such a night-time object that was so large and bizzare that I’m sure that it would have caused some people actual mental difficulties. But this object was intensely lit yet was very well defined, and it moved passed us and lowered over a nearby field, instantaneously became two objects that instantly moved away from each other for a second or two, then they such completely disappeared – no dimming out or no flash – just gone! SO. I’m trying to say that although it’s possible that one’s mental state can cause a person to have ‘warpage’ in their perceptions, but it’s more than likely that this particular witness did indeed see a U.A.P. that, for whatever reason, either turned off it’s lighting or even somehow cloaked itself to avoid further attention, as did perhaps the object that we saw! At any rate, my thanks to this Montanan for having the fortitude to give you his report!

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