Silent Orange Glowing Object Flies Overhead In Straight Path.

Location of Sighting: East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Date of Sighting: November 1, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4 AM CST

Description: At approximately 4 AM on Sunday, November 1, I couldn’t sleep and went outside to let my dog out. The weather was warm and humid for November with a trace of rain noticeable on the ground. It was overcast with no wind. It was completely still.

I suddenly saw a dull orange glow to the northeast that was moving to the southwest. I could not determine the exact shape of the object, but it was completely silent. It did not move quickly like a satellite and in my estimation, it’s movement was not random and it was controlled by some form of intelligence. It went directly over me and continued on a straight, silent southwest path until it was out of sight. I could not estimate the altitude or the size of the object, but it didn’t appear to be more than several thousand feet high. Since I saw it, it was definitely lower than the clouds. I have no source of orange light in my yard that would have reflected off an object flying overhead and I live 4 miles from the nearest town. I can’t estimate the speed, but it appeared to be moving at a reasonably slow speed since I was able to stand and watch it move overhead and to the southeast for approximately 10 seconds. I have a background in aviation and have studied space craft in graduate school and have never seen anything like this object.

Could this have been a drone of some type? The Grand Forks Air Force Base is only 10 miles to the west of me and they have drones there, but the glow was definitely not like anything I’ve seen previously.

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