Silent Reddish-Orange Orb Floats, Rises, Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Reno, Nevada
Date of Sighting: September 9, 2017
Time of Sighting: Near Midnight PDT

Description: It was half time of the Washington State, Boise State game September 9th, 2017 in Reno, NV about midnight or a bit after. I am outside facing east and on the same azimuth as the moon I see a very large ( maybe 2 or 2.5 times the size of Venus at perihelion) reddish orange orb. The outline of this orb was clear.  It was too perfectly round to be a balloon and it did not move like one.  It just floated there. There were no collision lights and I heard no sound.  The object did move kind of like a cork on water then a bit faster. It started moving off to the North away from the moon and then did very quickly rose (got smaller) up into the night sky off to the Northeast and it was gone. It was very Spielberg-ish. I was sober as a judge and I still cannot believe I saw it.

Response From Witness Clarifying Original Report (above): As for the game I probably went out after the 3 overtimes and it was late, dark and quiet.  I was NOT looking East. I was looking South maybe 160 degrees south by southeast.  It was a relatively clear night for midtown Reno and the moon shown brightly to my South almost due South.  The Object was parallel and East of the moon at the same azimuth or closely to that.  I could not and still cannot determine it’s altitude.  With no point of reference I would only guess that the altitude as being more than 500 feet and less than 2,000 feet It was big.  After floating around a bit maybe seconds (less than a minute) it started it’s movement to the Southeast on the same plane as the moon and then rapidly became smaller as it moved higher and away from me into the Southeastern sky.  When the thought to run inside to grab my phone occurred to me, it had already began it’s ascent up and into the Southeast and was gone.  
I appreciate your asking the clarifying question. I still cannot believe I saw the damn thing.  I am beginning to doubt myself as to whether I saw what I saw.  But I did. Ask anything else you care to, I will answer them the best way I know how. Do you have any ideas or experiences as to what this may have been?

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