Silent Silver Gray Metallic Cylindrical Tube Shaped Object.

Location of Sighting: Olathe, Kansas
Date of Sighting: March 3, 2018
Time of Sighting: 7:15 AM CST

Description: I had just finished a run on the school track. I looked up at the sky and to my right. I saw what looked to be a saucer shaped object. It was maybe no more than half a mile away from me, but it was hard to tell. As the object traveled it got to the point where it was perpendicular to me instead of in front of me. The sun was to the left of me and as the object passed in front of the sun it appeared to look like a silver gray metallic cylindrical tube with what looked like to be port holes in it. It had a wobbly rotation to it as it moved. I did not see anything about it that resembled any type of aircraft. There were no wings, tail, propellers or no vapor trail. It was completely silent. I thought it was possibly space junk because of the wobbling, but it was moving too slow and too controlled. I thought that if it was space junk it would be descending, but it continued to fly toward the northwest in the direction of the Kansas City International Airport. Sorry, but I have no way to estimate it’s size. I observed it’s flight for about 15 seconds before I could no longer see it.

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  1. Cee Z. says:

    The description that you gave is exactly like the object that I saw emerging from a cloud in Montague Michigan a few years ago. I wish that I had written down the time and date. When I told my friends they thought it must have been a drone. Now I am convinced that it was not a drone. It’s nose emerged from a cloud, but then it suddenly swerved to the left and sharply on an angle up into another cloud. When it was in the sunlight for a few seconds I saw that it was a highly-reflective silver torpedo-shaped cylinder. There were no wings and no sound or vapor trail. It was quite low. It was coming from the direction of Lake Michigan and looked like it was going to fly over White Lake, but it changed it’s course abruptly. Did it see me step out from under the boat sundeck? I don’t know. It was a Monday and I had gone back to our pontoon boat to clean up after our guests. Most people were probably at work. I don’t know if anyone else saw it. If it had hovered I could have gone to the back of the boat to get my phone to take a picture. But, it was only seconds and I was mesmerized, curious and then amazed. I find it difficult to believe the grainy pictures that we are shown, because they sometimes seem like optical illusions, or whatever. But, I know that I saw something as yet Unidentified. I am asking friends and family what they may have seen and some have seen strange lights or hovering craft. More and more people will now start to come forward to tell others what they have seen.

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