Silent Transparent V Shaped Object Flies Low & Slow.

Location of Sighting: Bakersfield, California
Date of Sighting: September 7, 2017

Description: My wife and I witnessed this exact same V shape UFO flying low and slow. There was no sound coming off it at all. It was transparent, but you could see the outer lines of the craft. It was a pretty awesome experience. This was in Bakersfield,California on 9/7/17.

Note: The witness is commenting on the following sighting from the “Vike Factor” UFO Blog:

Date:  March 28, 2012 and April 20, 2010
Time:  7:05 p.m. and 7:55 p.m.
Hi, my name is (name removed). I had a sighting of a V shaped craft on 20 April 2010 at 19:55 p.m. and again last night 28 March 2012 at 19:05 p.m. The craft looked transparent, had no lights, made no sound.
The first and second time I noticed how it was moving through the clouds, almost like vapor coming off it.
Image Left: Click on image left for larger view.

We live in Johannesburg South Africa. I edited a photo of the night sky, where it was see, and added the V shaped craft.

I am in the process of getting some night vision equipment.

I really hope to get some footage soon.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my sighting. Kind Regards.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

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18 Responses to Silent Transparent V Shaped Object Flies Low & Slow.

  1. JK says:

    My sighting was in Central MD. I am not convinced that it was not just a visual afterimage due to seeing bright lights, but I figure I’d post here anyway.

    Around 9 PM traveling westward was a V shaped object. It had no lights on it. It was just a silhouette. It also happened around around the time of the Lyrids meteor shower.

    It did not last for long at all which is why I am not convinced that it was even there.

  2. EZ says:

    I saw this back in the 90’s in southern IL.

  3. Ian says:

    I just saw the same thing over Kent. There were several V shaped craft in formations. One or two in formation were a little more erratic(side to side) and then just glided overhead and then dissipated into the night sky.

    • hjdash says:

      I just saw here in India at night around 7.00 pm. OMG it was V shaped something transparent in the sky moving from east to south.

  4. Shelby says:

    We just saw the exact same thing. It took lots of weird google searches to find this. It was very hard to describe in words, but it was shaped like a winged creature (yes like a V), and eerily floated across the sky. The way it moved was so fixed. It was translucent and just faded out. It floated South to North. I’m in Dallas, TX.

  5. Dave says:

    Sighting information: Ventura, CA. 9:20 PM. 4/27/20

    I took my dogs out for their nightly walk. I stopped and looked at the stars and the lights of the planes departing from LAX when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was a nighthawk or owl, but as it flew over I noticed it was much too big and it was translucent. The skies were clear with no interference. The craft had no lights and no sound. It was just very softly flying by. It was moving from South to North then it veered to the right, heading Northeast, where I could see the whole shape. It looked like a boomerang with a soft nose and sharp edges on the back. I watched it for a very short time, maybe 6 or 7 seconds as it faded into the twilight.

  6. Arman says:

    I saw this just now. It is 1:20 AM (GMT + 8) I think and I’m from the Philippines. I was waiting for Lyrids meteor shower, when I looked at the other side of the sky, I saw it. I saw a boomerang shaped cloud moving silently.It was headed North.

  7. Evangelina says:

    My now fiance and I saw this same UFO through a friend’s backyard. It was about 10 PM that we had looked up to see the stars just to see this transparent V shaped craft. It was moving so slow, but at a constant speed. You would’ve been able to see the edge of the UFO as if it was bending light or something. We noticed it was also quiet, making no noise the whole time it was passing through. Not to mention, we caught this huge blacked out helicopter heading in the same direction of that V shaped UFO. We were both pretty fascinated and also uniquely nervous because we’ve never seen anything like it before up until a October 10, 2016 or 2017.

  8. Jody says:

    I saw this same thing in January 2013 in upper Michigan and reported it to MUFON. They called me and told me that this perfectly symmetrical curved boomerang-shaped thing, that was cloaking in cloud color except when it was in still gray as it passed in front of a pink late afternoon sunset, this thing that almost was still and flying low, and then suddenly darted in and arc across the sky and disappeared behind the treeline at unbelievable speed, was a meteorite. It was bigger than a full moon and still very much daylight when I saw it. I would love to see it again. I was sad I didn’t have camera to capture it, but I am so glad others have seen it too. It gives me hope.

  9. JL says:

    So happy to find more people are reporting this thing all over the place. That makes me think it is ours, just on development phase. I was was kind of scared for a second.

    My description is basically the same, at night, V shape, big, at least like a football field, no sound, transparent and hard to see at first glance. I mean I’m sure I could see the stars behind with distortion. It is hard to explain. The object was gliding slowly southeast direction in my case.

  10. Obx resident says:

    My husband and I saw the same translucent silent glider. Ours was shaped more like a hand glider with circular illuminated recessed depressions on the bottom. It glided about 1,200 feet above our house and all the night sounds went dead silent until it passed. We also witnessed 2 military drones trying to maneuver and find it and it actually circled around them and was following them! As it passed over it was like time stood still.

  11. Paul Wayne Foreman says:

    In April 2012, I and a friend, Bill, witnessed a large, boomerang-shaped object, without running lights, moving eerily slowly and absolutely silently. I’m very happy the sighting included a witness, a witness who spotted it first and pointed it out to me. I sent a letter to the local newspaper reporting the sighting in detail. As soon as it hit print I was contacted by a person who had seen the same object, same shape, no running lights, absolutely silent, seen on the same night, and she was so happy that someone else had seen it.

    A month or so later, I encountered a longtime friend, Ray, and his wife at my favorite coffee shop. After small talk pleasantries, his face went stone-blank, and he says, quietly, I saw it, and the five couples enjoying our backyard cookout saw it too. His wife chimes in saying she didn’t see it.

    The night I’d seen it, Bill had asked me if I’d noticed it fading in and out like a “malfunctioning cloaking device.” It never looked that way to me.

    Just after we’d said goodby to Ray, he said hey I’ve got one more question. Did the craft make any sound. None, whatsoever I answered. He nodded his head.

    After returning from my honeymoon in June, a young man, Neil, who worked at a nearby liquor store walked up to the counter and the first words out of his stone face were, “Where have you been?” I laughed. On my honeymoon. You knew that. He nodded then said, “I saw it too, and with a friend thank goodness, and it didn’t make a sound.”

    A total of 16 people saw this craft on three different occasions.

  12. Sean says:

    I witnessed 2 sightings similar to these, one was last night flying south to north very fast, but so smooth. There was no noise at all. It was so transparent that you almost couldn’t see it. This was a cigar shaped craft with the broad side of it coming at me. It was very long maybe 1 mile wide? The height was hard to say, but maybe 15,000 feet up. It was moving faster than any fighter jet I have seen.

    • Sean says:

      I forgot to mention this was in northwestern Arizona a few hours south of Vegas. The second sighting was back in 2014 in the summer. It was almost the same exact setting as my sighting last night being a transparent looking craft, but this one was more boomerang shaped, but not by much. It was just a slight point in the middle that gave it that shape. Otherwise it would of had that straight cigar shape. The difference was that this craft had to be so big as it almost appeared to be out with the stars! Either that or it was flying higher than anything you could see with the naked eye. If I had blinked, I would of missed it. It was flying north to south covering a vast amount of space in a flash. It suddenly made a very odd jump from east to west then continued on north and was gone. Nothing I know of could fly that quickly and make a lateral move like this? Both sightings I will never forgot and I was very excited to see another one a few years after. Both crafts were transparent and basically you could see through them? It would be very easy to miss it unless you get lucky enough to look directly at it and notice the movement. There was not a breathe of noise from either one.

  13. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Greetings again Mr. Puckett, and my sincere thanks to the Bakersfield couple who took the initiative and perhaps the courage to send their sighting report into you, sir. I know that I have told you that this or a similar object was seen by the University of Missouri Professor Harley and his study group in the Cape Girardeau area, and described it as very fast, dead silent, and seemingly translucent or transparent as it passed over their location. When I first read their study, I had never heard of any sort of ‘boomerang’ shaped UFO’s and when they mentioned that they thought that they could actually see the stars ‘through’ the object, I pretty much dismissed this report as their ‘wild and wishful’ minds being in overdrive, but as time passed, I came across more than several more of these sighting reports including from people who I would never think would likely see or report such things! I conclude that these are ‘real’, but there is still the questions of just whose they are and more importantly: What are they doing as they overfly our Country and or the rest of the globe? Again, thank you all!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I have the book about Dr. Harley Rutledge. He is one of a few noteworthy scientists that took the risk of studying UFO’s.

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