Silent Triangular Brown-Black Craft Flies At Steady Pace.

Location of Sighting: Selma, Texas
Date of Sighting: April 21, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8:35 PM CDT

Description: My daughter and I were laying on my car just kind of looking up at sky and hanging out when all the sudden this triangle brownish black craft started flying by. It was moving at a steady and calm pace and kind of looked a little bit like it had wings, but more of a triangle shape with curved edges. It didn’t make any noise, but my daughter saw it too. Then as it slowly went by we couldn’t see it anymore. We had my radio in the car on plugged into my phone in like an adapter. On channel 9.07 and when I unplugged my phone the channel started playing static and was muffled. So I don’t know what is was? It was fairly large maybe like the side of a semi truck. but in a triangle shape.

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  1. Wes says:

    At approximately 11:30 PM in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada my Fiancee and I were in the backyard enjoying a small fire when I looked of in the distant (clear) sky and we both saw a boomerang shape with flat lights in it. It appeared “cloaked”. It moved at a very smooth and speedy pace headed due north. Again at approximately 12:15 AM another moved in the same direction at a quicker speed. There were 7 lights total on the first and it appeared as though the second craft was missing a light on it’s right side. Both appeared to be kind of semi invisible and completely silent. Does this sound similar? This happened also on the 21st of April this year(2020)?

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