Silent Triangular Object With 3 Red Lights Hovers, Zips Away.

The report below is courtesy of Ken Cherry who is the director of EPIC Voyagers.

Location of Sighting: Lake Placid, Florida
Date of Sighting: December 29, 2018
Time of Sighting: 4 to 4:30 AM EST


Description: Here are the details of my friend’s sighting: Date: 12/29/18; Location: Lake Placid, Florida in front of the Home & Office Supplies (204 S Main Ave, Lake Placid, FL 33852); Time: 4 – 4:30 am; Quotes: ” It was 4 a.m. Saturday morning I believe and it was in Lake Placid Florida right over main Street and when it drifted away just as silently as it was hovering over me it kind of went off to the southeast.” – When asked the direction it came from: “Now that I don’t know because it was already out there when I came out of the building and it wasn’t there when I went in.” Plus, he didn’t experience any missing time – I asked.

Note: The witness to this case related his story to a reporter. The reporter forwarded the report to Ken Cherry who is the director of EPIC Voyagers. Ken in turn forwarded to the report to UFOs Northwest.

Investigator Notes: We have been unable to obtain any more information from the witness. Updates will be made if the witness provides responses to questions. The photos of the object appear to have been compressed. This is probably due to the file transfer process. The photos were taken by a cell phone. Sometimes photos get compressed when forwarded to email. I don’t believe that the photos were fabricated. No evidence exists that would suggest this.

Photo analysis does not show a solid object containing the lights. However, weather conditions were quite inclement so the object could have been obscured. The cloud bases were only 400 feet and the visibility was 1/2 mile in fog. Given the low cloud ceiling the object must have been quite close to the witness. I thought perhaps that the lights could have been a reflection of ground lights on the low ceiling. This theory is dispelled by the fact the witness saw the lights fly away. Some may say that the object was a drone. I feel that this quite unlikely give the inclement conditions and the time (4 to 4:30 AM).

We have requested radar data  from the FAA to see if the object appeared on radar or if it could have been a military aircraft. The FAA is not responding to data requests because of the government shutdown. We are hopeful that the shutdown will be resolved and the data will be processed. Updates will be posted.

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3 Responses to Silent Triangular Object With 3 Red Lights Hovers, Zips Away.

  1. Chris says:

    Why does everyone assume it’s the military. Well I have lived in rural Montana for a very long time. In fact I am in a remote forest. There’s no military base nearby and once in awhile a small Cessna would fly over, but not at night and what I saw was almost identical to this here triangular in shape moving very slowly above my cabin from southwest to northeast. At each point it had a red dot, but this one I saw had blue lights in between the red dots. So unless the military makes it a habit of spying on anything at random I know what it was I saw and it was no military aircraft. A lot of people want to say it’s the military because they don’t want the truth getting out there that it’s true what were seeing so they try to conceal it by saying ‘oh it’s just the military.’

  2. WestcoastDeplorable says:


    • Administrator says:

      Could be? I want to look at radar data to see if military aircraft were in the area. However, with the government shutdown I probably won’t get my hands on the data.

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