Silent Triangular Object With Greenish Blue Lights & Red Center Light.

Location of Sighting: Overland Park, Kansas
Date of Sighting: January 25, 2019
Time of Sighting: 8 PM CST

Description: I was driving home from dinner with my 4 year old daughter. We got to my neighborhood and a glimmer in the sky caught my eye. It was very, very bright with a green/blue color to it, and from the initial quick glance I honestly thought it was a glare and wrote it off as such.

I continued home, turned into my cul-de-sac (just 30 seconds away from initial catching of attention). I saw two bright lights, greenish-blue, parallel to each other (mimicking a military helicopter, with the parallel and straight form) hovering steadily. The lights weren’t flashing, though. it was still and so silent.

Something randomly hit me subconsciously, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Then what I thought was a helicopter, seemed to be 3 miles out at that point. I immediately grabbed my phone and fumbled to the record button. And as soon as I raised my phone to record, the aircraft instantly moved. I was spotting it in the south. It was hovering steadily and I saw no flashing of it’s green/blue lights. It was just hovering. (That is why I thought it was just a helicopter at first via perspective.) As soon as I lifted my phone to record what I was seeing the craft turned and sped towards me and my daughter’s direction. By the time I realized that this thing was a triangle shape, it was slowly gliding over us, about 1,000 feet up. It was completely silent. My initial thoughts were a giant drone, but it was eerily quiet out.

It slowly moved over my head, no sound, triangular shaped, back two ‘wing lights’ were lit up with greenish blue lights. The rest of the craft was illuminated somehow, just not externally. It very well could have been the extremely bright and vivid lights of the craft’s wings. As the object moved overhead towards the north, I got a good look at it’s underside. It was ribbed like strips of metal work or the belly of a turtle. The material the ship was made of wasn’t shiny or prone to glare like metal. It acted more like paper or plastic, but it undoubtedly had the resemblance of the resilience and toughness of metal.

As it passed over my head, it began blinking the green and blue lights, now including a red center light. It stopped about 100 yards out, backed up, did an elongated turn and continued north, still flashing it’s lights. I have never came across such an equally terrifying experience and curiosity spiking experience.

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  1. J smith says:

    I saw exactly the same thing. There were 2 large green lights coming towards me. As it turned it was triangular. It made no sound at all. I ran to get my son, but it was in the distance by the time. We live in Blackburn Lancashire. This was seen in January 2019. My son said it could of been a drone. It was quite big about 50 to 100 feet wide if not bigger. And was triangular. There were massive green lights at the front. The lights were solid and not flickering. I took a picture, but it was real dark. It was flying real low also. It scared me actually. I would really like to know what I saw. We do live quite near British aerospace. Maybe my son was correct that is was some sort of new drone.

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