Silver Object Seen Following Commercial Jet.

Location of Sighting: Hampstead, North Carolina
Date of Sighting: January 2, 2020
Time of Sighting: 3:20 PM EST

Description: On 1-2-2020 I observed a possible UFO following a commercial jet flying south. It flew erratically behind the jet and flew quickly in to the path of the jet I then lost sight of the object that appeared as a silver object about the size of the jet. The time was approximately 3:20 PM EST.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Mr. Puckett, to further explain the sighting, I saw the following: From my front porch, looking eastward, I saw a commercial jet traveling south. Some distance behind the jet, I saw a silver object about the same size as the jet. The silver object flew at a rapid speed up to and under the jet, then turned and flew toward the jet. At this point, I lost sight of the jet and the object. I would appreciate it if anyone else, including the crew on the jet witnessed this incident.

Update – May 21, 2020 – Radar Analysis: Radar for nearby Wilmington, SC Traffic Control was requested. The summary and map of the radar analysis is shown below. The radar does show an unknown object tracking right across the flight of a southbound commercial jet as described by the witness. However, the direction of the intercept was to the southeast rather than to the east as described by the witness. The intercept was almost exactly at the time noted by witness. The object was moving slower than the jet which had a ground speed of around 385 MPH. The jet was flying at 38,000 feet. The height of the object (UFO) cannot be determined from the radar. Radar indicated that the object was moving from the west-northwest. Radar also indicates that multiple objects were likely moving from the west-northwest in proximity to the jet. The object(s) continued moving out over the Atlantic Ocean. It is quite unlikely that object(s) detected by radar were birds because the winds aloft were mostly from the southwest and the returns were moving between 40 and 90 MPH. The jet was moving to the south-southwest.

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