Small Green Orb Moves NW, Abruptly Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: December 8, 2019
Time of Sighting: 7:15 PM EST

Description: I observed a small green orb travel roughly parallel with my street moving slower than a shooting star but faster than an airplane in a direction roughly southeast to northwest. It maintained it’s shape and size, did not flash and did not leave a contrail in the clear night sky. It disappeared, in a similar manner to switching off a light, rather than dimming or slowly fading into the distance. It was emerald green and bright, brown like a pea. I don’t know how high it would have been, but it was about the size of my pinky nail looking at it from at what seemed to be a fair distance, though this is hard to judge. Another adult person sitting in my car with me beside the curb side at the same time I did commented: “What is that?” A brief discussion occurred in which we shared with each other that both thought it was odd, and could not identify it from prior experience. I live in a flight path for the Harrisburg Airport and see all kinds of large and small jets and airplanes flying low and flying high. This did not resemble anything I have seen living here since 1993.

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