Smaller White Light Shoots Out From Bright White Light.

Location of Sighting: Between Plymouth & Mansfield, Ohio
Date of Sighting: January 6, 2019
Time of Sighting: 7:53 PM EST


Description: The sighting date was 1/6/19 at 7:53 PM as time stamped on my video. Weather was cold but skies were clear. I was driving on Plymouth Springmill Road between Plymouth, Ohio and Mansfield, Ohio. It’s a back road and I was heading south towards Mansfield when I noticed a bright white light in the sky just above the trees (hovering). I thought to myself that I don’t remember there being a tower in that location. I then realized this object was not a tower and that it was in the sky independently. A smaller white light shot out of it and this object was shooting all over in the sky to the far left of the large white light. I have a few terrible videos of the incident however when reviewed them later I was able to go frame by frame and get some very good screenshots of the aircraft. I will attach them. You are welcome to the videos, but I can’t send them on my phone or through email as I have tried doing this to share with friends, but the file size is too large. I can however send in Face Book Messenger. I will send the photos in a couple of text following this one.
I want to add that there was an odd frequency that can be heard on the videos. It was almost like growling. And the Bluetooth disconnected and out of nowhere and it can be heard saying “ready to connect”. So there was definitely interference with radio frequency while this was occurring.

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