Solid Orange Orb Becomes V Shaped Object, Zips Away.

Location of Sighting: Childersburg, Alabama
Date of Sighting: November 10, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:25 PM CST

Description: A couple were outside stargazing and noticed a solid “soft” orange orb moving slowly to the northeast. The object changed to a V shape and then rapidly moved away. The object was lost behind the tree line. The object emitted no sound. The object moved very slowly at first, but moved very fast when it changed to a V shape. The object was only visible for 30 to 45 seconds. The witnesses estimated that the object was only 500 to 1,500 feet above the ground. The lights were solid and never flashed. The object was described as bigger than a 747 on the ground. The witnesses stated that not much air traffic is usually in the area. The male witness is a police officer and an army veteran. He was convinced that this was no ordinary aircraft. The witness stated that he contacted the local FBI office and talked to the agent in charge. The FBI took no action. He also called nearby Maxwell AFB and never reached anyone.

Update – Mar 6, 2018 – Radar Analysis:



The above radar map does not depict what the witness saw. The witness saw the object  move to the northeast at 10:25 PM CST. The above map does not show any returns (known or unknown) at that time. The map shows that a known aircraft (light aircraft) was moving to the east-southeast at around 105 MPH. This aircraft was present several minutes after the witness’s sighting. The map also shows 2 unknown craft (one moving to the southwest at 100 MPH and the other to the west-northwest at 100 MPH).  These craft were on the radar screen at 10:19 to 20 PM CST.  The witness only saw the craft for 30 to 45 seconds. The absence of radar returns does not negate the witness’s sighting. UFO’s don’t always show up on radar.

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4 Responses to Solid Orange Orb Becomes V Shaped Object, Zips Away.

  1. Robert E says:

    I just placed in a report of a similar looking orb that I saw on the 23rd of November (Thursday), but it didn’t turn into any shapes. It remained as an orb and faded into the clouds.

  2. Barb G says:

    It probably does very little good to contact anyone in the FBI. I doubt a UFO sighting is something they would be interested in. It’s just the fact that the public learns about the sighting is enough. What was seen looks like a good sighting along with the description of it.

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