Something Lands in Lake & Causes Entire Lake to Glow.

Location of Sighting: Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: 1973
Time of Sighting: Evening

Description: I lived in a small town, north of Scranton called Elmhurst and went to North Pocono Middle School in Moscow, PA. Our family moved to Pennsylvania when I was in the forth grade in 1973. We lived there for around 3 years. While we were living there an incident occurred at a park in Gouldsboro and it was reported not only on the locale news, but it was also reported on the national news. I was very young at the time, but I remember this event being talked about by my parents and the neighbors. So the story goes:

Something landed in the lake in a park in Goldsboro that made the entire lake glow. This is not firsthand witness information, just a childhood memory that I have always been very curious about and really have no place to find out how I can research this event. My parents, who are now in their 80’s remember it, and my older sister remembers it. As a matter of fact, I was talking to my sister just last night about UFOs or UAPs whichever you prefer. My older sister is a hardcore skeptic when it comes to any kind of UFO phenomenon despite her higher education in mathematics. I don’t understand. Still, she is the one who reminded me that this was all the talk of the town.

There were eyewitnesses who saw something land in the lake that illuminated the entire lake. Then the news reported that the incident was investigated. By whom I do not know. The investigation found that a high powered Sears & Roebuck flashlight had been thrown into the lake and for what ever reason and it was powerful enough to illuminate the whole lake. It was said by the people who saw it firsthand that there is no way that a flashlight, no matter how damn powerful, did whatever was in the lake did. After the incident, the entire area was fenced off and the US Army or some military something or other was moving trucks in and out of the area for some time after that.

We relocated back to Greensboro, NC where I currently reside. I am just wondering if you have heard anything about this particular incident. I came across your website while researching Goldsboro. How would one go about researching it? I would really like to know what was really in that lake or if it was a hoax. Or what happened. Curious.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back from you.

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  1. Kenny says:

    Here’s a story that sounds just like it and in the same “neck of the woods”. The year is also close.

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