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Contributed by Freelance Writer Jen Grealy

Where to Spot a UFO

The sheer volume of sightings that are caught on camera means that reporting a UFO is no longer received with the same level of skepticism as it used to be; the photographs and videos are now there for everybody to judge for themselves rather than relying on one person’s story. The internet, along with digital media, has allowed a platform for UFO sightings to be intelligently discussed and reviewed. One of the noteworthy aspects our record of sightings has shown is that UFO’s aren’t limited to the deep back country or avoid highly populated areas, as. In fact, if our number of sightings has shown us anything, it’s that UFO sightings can occur anywhere and everywhere, night or day, in both rural and urban areas.

Of course, not every sighting is evidence of extra-terrestrial activity. Some are eventually confirmed as hoaxes. Others, sadly, are only reported by people suffering from addiction abuse or mental health problems who just think they’ve seen a UFO. Besides undermining the UFO community, hallucinatory sightings also indicate wider, more serious problems for the individual; if a friend or relative is acting increasingly agitated or unstable due to an addiction, offer to get them help rather than encourage their behavior. However, that’s not to dampen the enthusiasm over UFO sightings – if even 1% of sightings were proven to be true then it would be remarkable, so always keep investigating.

And some parts of the world do seem to be more prone to UFO sightings than other. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of the world’s most likely places to see a UFO, both historically and modern. We always recommended keeping your eyes on the sky, but if you’re visiting any of the following places you might want to keep them especially focused.

The Southwest, USA

The Southwest has always been an area of mystic intrigue. Whether it’s special energy vortexes or haunted towns, the Southwest just has that something that makes it a little bit different, including UFO’s. Here you’ll find the site of one of the most famous UFO events in history, the 1947 Roswell Incident; when not looking at the sky, check out the museum dedicated to the event to make up your own mind about what happened. The Southwest is also home to Area 51, the not so secret government base that is shrouded in mystery – rumors suggest that reverse engineering of alien aircraft is conducted here, as well as potentially housing and experimenting on captured aliens. Whatever it is they’re really getting up to, the skies in the surrounding area do seem to be alive with mysterious activity that never really receives the explanation it deserves.


Scotland has long been a hot-spot for UFO sightings. The town of Bonnybridge, located in Falkirk, between Glasgow and Edinburgh, is so rife with sightings that a former councilor wrote to then Prime Minister Tony Blair seeking an investigation. As much as 300 sightings are reported a year, making it likely the number one place on earth to catch a glimpse. The town is also unique in that, because so many people have seen strange goings on, it’s accepted as part of life and there’s little skepticism found in the town, apart from one cynic who question why most sightings occurred “after leaving the local pub”.

Queensland, Australia

Australia’s Gold Coast UFO activity has been particularly active in the past few years, with a high number of sightings being reported in a short span of time. What exactly is going on is unclear, but the UFO group that monitors sightings in the area has said that they have received 100 calls in the past few months, and 800 sightings reported across the country to other groups. Interestingly, many sightings have been captured on video, which allows people to make their own minds up.

UFO Trail, Chile

A place called ‘UFO Trail’ better be confident it can carry the name. Excitingly, this part of Chile, San Clemente, can. There have been uncountable reports of strange goings on since the mid-nineties, so many that it was deemed necessary to open a 19 mile trail through the sites of the most common sightings. While a UFO encounter isn’t guaranteed, it’s as good a place as any to search the skies. And if you don’t have an extra-terrestrial experience, you’re such to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience traversing the picturesque landscape hoping to see something to reiterate just why you believe there’s something out there.

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