Spinning Object Comes Out for Few Hours Often at Night.

Location of Sighting: Corpus Christi, Texas
Date of Sighting: January 25, 2020 (Date Sighting Reported)
Time of Sighting: 11:44 PM CST (Time Sighting Reported)


Description: This spinning object comes very often and hovers for a few hours sometimes all night. I have video. This is in Corpus Christi Texas in a area called Tierra Grande. It’s a spinning object and spins uncontrollably fast. I would appreciate it if someone contacted me so I can send more proof and let more information out. Thank you.

Note: The witness likely is viewing the planet Venus.

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3 Responses to Spinning Object Comes Out for Few Hours Often at Night.

  1. Corey P. says:

    Sorry I did not read directions. My sighting was in Wesson, MS.. 39191.

  2. Corey P. says:

    I have proof of the exact same object hovering outside my house. This is not a planet. I have slowed down video footage with proof it isn’t a planet. I have zoomed in pictures to clearly reflect something other than a planet. It’s like a spinning ball of energy that spins uncontrollably fast, warping into various shapes. It appears out of nowhere, hovers 10 minutes erratically and shapes for 10 minutes then it flies away. It’s occurred twice during the last month. I live in South Central Mississippi. It occurred the first time around 7 PM the second around 10 PM.

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