Spiritual Medium Finds Strange Marks on Back.

Location of Encounter: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Encounter: May 17, 2017



Description: I noticed the markings on the 17th and last year around early June when I was here in BC – both happening in Vancouver. I’m actually a Spiritual Medium and I channeled about it (I asked) I’m attaching it below. Take it as you will 🙂 Was curious to know what other people’s experiences have been (side effects, memories, etc.)

Thank you!

Witness Recounts Experience:
“This was not the Pleiades or Lemurians or other beings that you are usually in communication with this is an outer stellar group that is interested in learning from the light workers on your planet. They took a copy of your human understanding of things and also a snapshot of your potential points of views and probable experiences, different levels, many different layers to possibility. They are interested not only in your learning and teachings but also those that you will effect, so they can take a snapshot from you, all your learning and the experience of others. This helps them to gauge the collective growing.

What has drawn them to you is yes your interaction with us and the ‘call out’ you are doing with what you see as your business. You can speed up the collective growth depending on your choices. This was essentially a survey. Just as you have questions about the ethereal and how things work in relation to you, it is somewhat similar.

There are certain axis points that this can occur on so there was the stirring up of energy that you created, and the activity there in Vancouver. This is WHY people are awake there, it is no coincidence. So even if they are not abducted.. (that is a word we as humans use) they are still picking up on these cross lines of energy and activations. It has to do with the current energy, the water, the stillness, the air, the heights and yes the volcanic activity…all physically expressed because of energy first. These areas are like creation centers, as you will notice people tend to be more awake near volcanos.

Why did my soul give permission?

Your soul is not only working here and now, your soul is still working with other dimensions for collective growth, movement, activation and change, so just as you, “B” (name deleted) are working to help wake people up and move things forward you are involved in other things with other dimensions. It is easier for your soul to do this.

What about people with seemingly more simple lives people live and who are abducted? They too are a part of the project, their physical proximity as witnesses, how they are affected by the whole close or near to activators all the same. They are on their own part of initiation if they choose in the physical.

Essentially there would be four more to complete. As you continue to grow as you know you shift potential outcomes. There could be one in an entire lifetime, but the faster you move the more could be completed.

How does this help B? This solidifies her probabilities of unions with others what she deems as success. This can help her to solidify monumental points or connections on her path for awakening. She must stay focused on this. All an expression of this. We suggest her cards (the soul cards) be very dense and they could come all from Pleiadians and Lemurians terming them as light beings. There is a vast market of angles and goddesses and you are all ready now for the next layer. (Then they showed me angels are really just them) We have come in forms that have been easy for you to understand, that are soft and gentle that go in alignment with some of your teachings or understandings of things (like religion and human form) it is all the same, it is light transmission through your life experiences.

So did Jesus connect with you guys for instance? It is a larger hub of divine consciousness that all are pulling from, not even “us” as you know there is no real separation. There are many civilizations that understand and still live form this and yours is beginning to understand. It is all about learning about light transmission. Right now this is showing up as manifesting, through thought, later it will be much larger, conscious, direct, thought and light together to create “something ” out of “nothing” .

Why is this important? The idea is to create cohesiveness and balance from eventually a collective consciousness, the ALL ONE. the ability to see all things at once. Meanwhile you are trying on these aspects through forgiveness, a soul’s perspective as you put it and understanding through contrast, essentially cause and effect, the ripple effect. The idea is to have the ripple effect happen in place, transmuted in that moment and felt in all parts, timelessness.”

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  1. C M says:

    This is interesting. I would like to hear more about your experiences if you would want to share.

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