Spring, 1998 – Wapakoneta, Ohio – 2:45 AM Central Time


Description: I was driving to work about 2:45 AM heading southbound on Route 25A to Botkins. It was a very clear night, all the stars were visible. There was hardly any traffic on the road. I looked up and saw a formation of white lights in a triangular shape. It seemed very close to the ground and I had never seen anything like it before so I pulled over to the side of the road so I could watch it. It was huge and close to the ground, slowly moving south and had absolutely no sound what-so-ever. There weren’t any trees nearby to give a scale as to how close to the ground it was. There were only empty fields. It glided right over me! I could only watch for a couple minutes because I didn’t want to be late for work, but I asked the girls I work with if they had seen anything, but I was the only one who did. I will NEVER forget it! I have been researching UFO sightings to see if anyone else had seen it that night, but haven’t been able to find anything.

(I also had an experience in the 80’s. It was like a huge beam of light came down through my sunroof while stopped at a stop sign in Lima, Ohio. There wasn’t the sound of a helicopter or anything, but I didn’t get out of the truck to check it out so I don’t know if this was a UFO or just a search light.)

Note: Strange triangular craft have been reported in Ohio on several occasions. The above craft was seen moving towards Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

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