Star-Like Lights Move Across 1 After the Other.

Location of Sighting: Marinette, Wisconson
Date of Sighting: March 21, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10 PM CDT

Description: I and a friend saw the same thing over Marinette, WI on March 21st, 2020, around 10 PM Central time. The lights were coming from a cluster of stars to the left of the constellation Orion’s Belt, which I later found out are the Pleiades. We watched them move across the sky one after the other for about 20 minutes. The lights disappeared or blended in, as we lost track of them.

Note: The witness is referring to sightinn of 4 star-lights seen traveling east in a straight line. The sighting was Prince George, British Columbia, Canada on Mar 15, 2020.

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4 Responses to Star-Like Lights Move Across 1 After the Other.

  1. Grace M. says:

    My mom and I saw about 27 star like things moving across the sky. The passed right above our house and disappeared. I had other people tell me that they saw them too. This was at 9:30 PM in Eagle Point, Oregon, US.

  2. Vicki B. says:

    I counted 24 orbs moving south to north around 8:30 9:00 PM in Arnold, MO. They were moving fast and one following another. There was no flashing solid white light.

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