Star-Like Object Goes Up, Down, Zigzags, Stops.

Location of Sighting: Williston, North Dakota
Date of Sighting: September 24, 2019
Time of Sighting: 10:36 to 10:45 PM CDT

Description: Tonight my buddy and I were on my roof star gazing by Williston, North Dakota at around 10:36 to 10:45 PM when I had noticed a slight movement in my vision. One of the stars were moving. It went up down and would circle around zigzag all while going pretty fast before abruptly stopping then going in a different direction. After watching the star erratically move around for sometime, my eyes spotted another one of the objects. This one was drastically dimmer than the other one and not too far away. After a moment i realized that the star or object i was looking at (the dimmer one) was following the brighter ones movements exactly!  Two more things to note, these were the only ones in the sky doing this. Every other star was in a fixed position. Also whenever the object would stop it was in a different location from where it had been before and the location constantly moved. the last thing is that these objects didn’t have any flashing lights. They literally looked like every other star in the sky.

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