Star-Like Object Hovers, & Moves Erratically.

Location of Sighting: Gambier, Ohio
Date of Siting: December 20, 2019 to the present
Time of Sighting: Evenings

Location: (Video) Gaskin Avenue, Gambier, Ohio, 43022. Other sightings; 461 Apple Valley Drive, Howard, Ohio. Gambier, Ohio and multiple locations in Knox County, Ohio.

Description: I first witnessed the object on December 20th, 2019. The object appears to be the same color and shape of a star. It is stationary most of the time. When it moves, it moves side to side, up and down, in a circular movement, and a zigzag pattern. I have been able to find it in the sky on almost every clear night since then. I have since been able to show five other individuals who have witness the same, so as to justify to myself that I am not having delusions or experiencing an optical illusion. I have been unable to find anything through research that can explain this object and it’s movement. Every individual I have shown are just as surprised as I am and are convinced this is a UFO.

Note: The witness’s video doesn’t show anything other than dark sky. The witness could be seeing Jupiter which is bright and low in the sky in the evenings.

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3 Responses to Star-Like Object Hovers, & Moves Erratically.

  1. Phillip G., Hamilton NJ USA says:

    We have noticed the same object. It appears to be stationary then moves erratically in various directions.

  2. Pat says:

    I have been seeing the same thing for the past four nights and again tonight at around ten in Cochrane, Ontario. The bright light moves fast in zigzag motion then disappears.

  3. WTnh says:

    Are the movements constant? I have been watching a similar description, every clear evening. The patterns are the same. The pattern I’m noticing are in a timed sequence. Also there is always a second light somewhere behind it that moves exactly the same way at the same time.

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