Star-Like Objects Move Erratically in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Fort Collins, Colorado
Date of Sighting: November 2, 2021 (& Earlier Dates)
Time of Sighting: Evening & Morning

Description: We seem to have a strange sighting that occurs from the darkness of morning and dusk through to morning. I look up and it all seems like a normal starry sky. Yet, if I focus on the star it begins to zip erratically, up, down, sideways, accelerates and abruptly stops. But here is the weird thing: This does not stop. The objects appear stationary and look like a star, but then they move once they see-feel us looking at them. I have watched dozens and dozens of times each time the “stars” are out. I have seen the object stop and begin to descend straight down. Why is this happening? What is the end game? They are always there. We see three “stars” each night in the form of a triangle. These 3 objects do not move. I don’t know how long this has been going on since I just was concentrating on the sky over a week ago. I don’t know if they are there during the day, but every single night these objects (stars) only move after viewed for a period of time. Why? What is going on? THE VIDEOS TOO LARGE TO UPDATE.

Note: The witnesses are likely seeing stars. When one stares at a stationary object for long enough, it will appear to move. This is an illusion called “autokinesis.”

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  1. K. A. M. Central Texas says:

    About 5 years ago, in Central Texas, my family was watching the night sky on a mid-summer night. I noticed something moving as if it was an airplane, but the coloration of the object was strange and untrue to a plane. All of a sudden, it moved up and down then quickly few over to another set of starlike formations. It started blinking in different colors and then the objects blinked back. It was almost like they were getting commands from this object. I looked closer, and the shape of the objects were indifferent from a star or any other craft that would be in the sky. I asked my family if they saw what I was seeing. They were speechless. We could not believe what we were seeing before our eyes. Then, we saw a strange cloud formation in shape of a wave coming closer to us. As soon as it was about 100 feet from where we were standing, three of the objects came and pushed the cloud away from us. The cloud was filled with dust like particles that were independently moving throughout the wave. We were getting nervous at this time because we knew then that nothing was certain at this point. After observing this phenomenon, we noticed other craft in the sky in what seemed to be in formation from the north, south, east, and west. The craft were in different sizes, and some seemed to be hidden in the clouds, but visible. Then all of a sudden, some of the objects started flying amongst each other as if they were trying to keep something from entering our atmosphere. I saw one object fire a laser like object into an electric forcefield. Then this craft I guess “took a hit” and was spiraling out of control with smoke blazing behind him. He went into another electric sphere and was what seemed to be recharged and then came flying out unharmed. One of my children then ran into the house and turned on A.M. radio to see if there was anyone else reporting this phenomenon. Sure enough there had been sightings from California all the way to Florida of the same occurrences in what seemed to be a straight line across the southwest of U.S. This line of occurrences was in our direct path.

    We have never heard anything on the news TV or on the internet of this happening. I have come across other people randomly in stores waiting in line that seem to know what I had seen that day and had been observing all this time. One man said to me out of the blue a month after the sighting at the gas station, “Those are not stars out there are they?” He then smiled at me and laughed.

    I am always looking toward the sky waiting for another sign of perhaps what could be next for us or what to do. Is there anyone else who has had this type of experience in other places? Where are they? Does anyone have any kind of theory or answer? I am really worried for our mankind who has distastefully not heed any warning of the beginning to an end of our life. My children and their future depend on this I fear. The future it seems is looking somewhat oblique and forthcoming to an end.

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