Star-Like Objects Stop, Make Quick Movements, Vanish.

Location of Sighting: Gillespie, Illinois
Date of Sighting: April 15, 2020
Time of Sighting: 9:25 PM CDT

Description: I went outside to see if I could find an owl I kept hearing and as my husband and I were looking up at the trees I thought I saw a shooting star. It looked just like a little white star very far up in the the sky just like the other hundreds you can see tonight from our small town. I told my husband to look and as soon as he did the light completely stopped. (This is no joke I was kind of freaked out). Then it sped up in speed, as we both looked at it in disbelief. This tiny star like white light made movements I’ve never seen a star or plane or satellite make almost a darting like quick movements and if we seen these as quick then I cannot imagine how fast they were really going so far up. Anyway the light then just went out or disappeared. My husband then saw two more in the south direction towards St. Louis. (The other was in the north direction towards Chicago.) We live almost in the middle of them. These two lights did the exact same thing except we didn’t see them suddenly stop. They only made movements unlike a plane or star. I thought we were going crazy so I of course googled what we saw and thank goodness we weren’t alone reading the stories from here ! We have seen hundreds of planes , satellites, metro showers and shooting stars, but these were like nothing we have ever seen before! I just wish someone knew exactly what they are. Oh and they stayed the same size and had no trails or blinking lights of any kind. They were just small tiny white specks exactly like the other stars in the sky, but these were definitely not

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3 Responses to Star-Like Objects Stop, Make Quick Movements, Vanish.

  1. Richelle says:

    My husband and I were astonished by what we saw in the sky tonight. The objects that looked like stars were coming in from the west, in formation, one after another, evenly spaced. They headed NE and went straight down and disappeared. We watched this go on for about 15 minutes and estimate somewhere there were between 60 to 70 of these objects passed over us in the sky. During the last 5 minutes, the objects were coming in formation from the Northwest rather than due West. They all went to the same location as all the others. Most of these objects just moved rather quickly in formation but now and then, a few of them flew in a darting/erratic motion; very fast movement and then back in formation. Honestly, it spooked me. I don’t know what to think.

  2. Lailla A. says:

    Your not alone. I saw them here in Las Vegas around 8:38 until 9:05 PM Pacific Time.

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