Star-Like Objects Zigzag, Move In Circles, Clash.

Location of Sighting: Monticello, Indiana
Date of Sighting: October 20, 2019
Time of Sighting: 9:20 PM EDT

Description: I went outside when my partner suggested I come look at the stars. I watched a bit then unusual behavior in the sky started coming from what I thought were initially stars. We just moved away from the city so I they were very far away and dim, near the little Dipper constellation I believe. They were moving erratically, sometimes in unison, sometimes clashing with others. At one point it flashed red and moved visibly across the sky to a completely new area in the sky. I noticed similar movements in various other places in the sky, but was fixated on the red. They zigzagged around a while, blinked white and returned to their initial position, but kept moving in tiny zigzagged circles.

Note: We receive many similar reports of star-like objects that appear to move erratically and sometimes flash different colors. Some of these sightings could be stars. An optical illusion sometimes occurs when one stares at stationary objects. This phenomenon is called autokinesis and objects can appear to move when they are really stationary. The blinking or flashing different colors could be due to atmospheric light scattering from particulate matter or air pollutants.

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