Star-Like Objects Zigzag Move in Circles.

Location of Sighting: El Cajon, California
Date of Sighting: January 25, 2017
Time of Sighting: 5:20 AM PST

Description: I went outside around 5:20 AM this morning. I looked up at the stars. One of them was moving. It was alternating between going in circles and zigzagging all in a rather tight area, but enough to be honestly noticeable. I watched it for about 10 minutes and it was still up there when I went back inside.
It was in the Southwestern sky above the Pacific Ocean from San Diego, California. I thought it was a star at first, it was so far away. Then I saw it was moving rapidly in the manner I described above. It was too far away to make out the color of the lights. It couldn’t have been an aircraft from the earth since it was moving so erratically. I don’t think my cell phone would be able to capture, but I gave it a try. At 5:45 it was still out there and I spotted two others. I tried to film them, but they were too far away for my cell phone to pick up. I looked a little to the North of the first one I spotted and saw another one, farther out, moving around the same way. Then I looked to the South of the first one I saw and there was another, equally as bright as the first one, but at a greater distance in the skies than the one to the North of the first one. There were three of them! They were circling, moving in straight lines, turning to the left or right and circling again. I do hope someone else has seen them, or that some of the big telescopes may have caught them.

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43 Responses to Star-Like Objects Zigzag Move in Circles.

  1. Brett says:

    I actually got a video of one of these objects this morning. It is not an illusion.

  2. A Child of God says:

    I saw one of these last night. I live in Gainesville, Florida. It was bright and much closer than a star. It moved in a small area back and forth, diagonally, etc. My daughter said she’s seen them before, but in a different direction. I looked up how satellites move and they move slowly on a straight path. I believe they are God’s Watchers. Read the Book of Enoch.

  3. Aaron says:

    I live in Australia and in about 1984 when I was eight I was at my friend’s house. We were both looking up at the stars and I saw something that looked like a satellite. It didn’t stand out and then I saw it spinning around in circles fast then it stopped and would spin the other way. I pointed it out to my friend and he could see it too. Then it started zigzagging very erratically and then doing circles again. It went on for about 5 minutes and then it just shot off in a straight line and disappeared out of sight. It looked a long way up as it was quite small. I will never forget it.

  4. Nicole G says:

    I am in central New Jersey and have this exact phenomenon going on. Every night in the same spot in my backyard there is a star-like light moving erratically. I have shown about 6 friends over the coarse of a month, everyone sees the same erratic pattern.

  5. Nishant says:

    tonight 11-17-2019 I saw a light in the sky which was moving on a zigzag path. It was very strange when I observed that it doesn’t have a single or fixed path. The time was around 9:30 Indian Standard Time.

  6. Claire says:

    I just saw two and looked this up! I saw one first and it was going zigzag then started in a circle pretty quick. Then another appeared right beside it and started in the same circles at the same speed. My boyfriend said it was a satellite, but he’s an idiot. My sighting was in WEST TN.

  7. Ani says:

    I’m in the process of seeing one right now. Its just one “star”. I woke up at around 4:45, and out the window -above the tree line- is this abnormally bright star. I went to get a closer look and realized it was moving in tight, circular movements. After watching it for about a minute or so I also found that there were tiny, super-fast flashes of light that dotted around if every now and then. It’s now 5:15 and it’s still doing it. I tried to wake my cousin up, but she was “too tired”.

    The State is Maine, United States, but I’m not comfortable with giving any more details than that.

  8. Crystal W. says:

    I am from Alabama and I too see the same damn one every night. It never fails. Sometimes it even seems to move in the same direction as I do when I walking my dog. Usually if I stop it stops too. My fiance says I’m crazy that’s it’s a star. Yes, it looks like a star, but not near as high up and it looks almost like a winged object that goes back and forth and zigzags. What is this thing?

  9. Jamie B. says:

    I live in Anderson, SC and I too have noticed the same flashy object! I have a really bright flashlight that strobes just quickly flashes and if you point in front of it (the zig zaging object), it will respond! I just came inside from being outside playing with this flashy object! Come on guys we all know we’re not alone! I just wish it would come to me, but I think it can’t enter our atmosphere!! But it can obviously see us trying to communicate!!

    Thanks for everyone’s honesty! At least I’m not the only person captivated by our solar system, earth, aliens, etc. I agree you have to be open minded & very tuned into everything around you including this object that is not a star! If only astronomers would be honest to the ones like us!!

  10. Rosie says:

    I have been watching these for many years. I sometimes get a torch and mimic them and they respond. Try it yourself. It’s like they can see you and like to play with your light. I worry in case they are aliens and might zap me! They are all over our Shropshire, UK skies. They sometimes shine out random spikes of light and look like the shape of a J shape. I agree many of you say they move within a small space, like they are trapped in a bubble. Maybe astronomers with their big lenses can tell us more, or could map their positions out in the world to find logic to it? I have written to BBC to see if TV astronomers would cover this mystery. I got no reply? Many of us open minded sky watchers have seen these things, many times, even our friends see them with us. It needs an expert to look into it or at least to explain it!

  11. Danno says:

    OK so I have been seeing two stars in my town that move in a small tight circle. They are there every night and always in the same place. Well I see one from my house and another from a friend’s house. One is facing the southeast and the other to the southwest. At first I thought they might be a satellite, but that can’t be it.

  12. Marie M K says:


    You aren’t the only one seeing them, and I’m very glad to have found this forum, as I have been experiencing this myself ever since I was a small child (I’m 55 now).

    I’m currently living in San Diego, however, I work currently in where El Cajon and Santee intersect at a County airfield. I’ve always wanted to believe that it wasn’t just my imagination or my eyesight playing tricks. And I’ve never seen more than one do this, but tonight at work I decided to look to see if another ‘star’ would do the same. And when one did, I knew I had to just be nuts.

    But reading everyone else’s experiences here, I do feel better, and I do, also, feel much more certain that it is ‘someone’ intelligent behind this. And as Helen mentioned, I’ve not seen every single star do this. So, it isn’t a trick of the eyes.

    So, now I’m going to get a laser pen, and experiment with ‘them’ as Joseph D suggested.

    I’ll also come back here and update what I found!

  13. Joseph D. says:

    I have been watching these lights for awhile now and still haven’t figured out what they are. I live in East TN and every night they are up there. If you shine a bright light or laser at them they will kind of dance in a circle or zigzag pattern to avoid the light they will also try to black out there light to get you to stop. What are these things? The sky is full of them!

  14. Karyn says:

    I was at a Florida beach on the Gulf of Mexico, far from any external sources of light. The sky was clear with no clouds. This particular stretch of coast line is part of flight path, and during the course of sitting there, several planes flew over. During a period of time in which there were no planes flying over, my husband and I both witnessed what appeared to be a “star” moving erratically and zigzagging, with no particular direction (not in a circle or in a straight line). This occurred in two different locations in the night sky, and went on for close to 5 to 10 minutes during each session. I suppose it’s possible to assume this was our eyes playing tricks on us, but it certainly makes one stop and think.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks. Sounds strange. I have been receiving similar reports as of late.

    • Theresa C. says:

      I live in that Tampa bay area, Florida. My daughter and I looking east have seen on numerous occasions a star moving erratically. It moves in circles, left, right and zigzags around. We wonder what it is and every article I see has no real answer as to what it could be.

  15. Ambra Halley says:

    I live in Arkansas and I came here looking for an explanation. A friend from another state posted on her Facebook that she saw one: “What is this in the sky and it moves up and down and from side to side. With the naked eye it looks like it has wings. Stretching the photo really makes me wonder.” Seeing it brought back to my mind that my Mom, Rene, and I saw some one night on the way over to my aunt’s house. It happened in Sheridan, Arkansas. I think it was around 2006. My mom actually pulled over on the side of the road because there were so many. I think she counted around 16, but they kept moving so rapidly and they were close. They were not like right in front of us, but closer than the stars; sort of like how close helicopters fly. They were moving up and down and swaying side to side, in half circle kind of motions. Coming back home from her house around two hours later, they were all gone. It was crazy.

  16. JP says:

    Probably you’re all experiencing an optical illusion called the AutoKinetic Effect ( I ‘saw’ the same thing and thought it was a UFO, but researched it and found out it was just my eyes/brain! (Thank goodness because I was pretty freaked out and about to start preparing for the invasion.)

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, autokinesis can lead observers to think that stationary objects are “jumping around.” This happens with many sightings of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

    • Jamie B. says:

      Seriously? An optical illusion, huh?
      You don’t even need to be stating your opinion if you actually believe that’s what IDK how many people have seen! It’s not every night it’s there! And if you have awesome eyes like I do, your a dummy if you can’t tell it’s moving around and not some illusion!

    • Juan S. says:

      Ok, so I’m not crazy. And I guess that would explain why 2 people looking at the same sky & stars see different things. It seems like I have to either be staring at the same stars for awhile before it starts happening (1 of them moves erratically). It also kind of feels like I maybe have to focus A certain way, like what you do to see the hidden image/object in those 3D illusion posters.

  17. Jillian says:

    I have been seeing these “stars” since 2016, across America.

    Taking a liberal leap here: My family has always told me that, as a toddler, I was fascinated by the night sky and would frequently comment that there were “angels” flying above us. I don’t remember seeing them at that age, of course, but perhaps those young observations are connected to the strange reports described here. Regardless, their movements feel lifelike to me, as if a living force orchestrates them.

  18. Art says:

    I saw pretty much the exact same thing about 20 years ago. It was about 1998. It was in the winter. I was standing on a roof hanging out with some friends. I was looking up at the stars just talking. The night sky was super clear and the stars were bright so I was just looking up checking them all out. There was one pretty big star up in the center of the sky that caught my eye. It wasn’t super bright or anything. It was just a tad bit bigger than the ones around it so it stood out. I was looking at it for maybe 2 seconds and it was perfectly still looking just like any other star. Then it moved VERY fast and zigzagged about 4 times up, down, side to side in a very wide space. It did not just appear to zigzag or appear to have some slight motion. This thing whipped around the sky super fast with complete precision. When I first saw it and it was just still in the sky it was not really blinking or anything. It was just solid like a normal star. Once it started shooting around and zigzagging it was not solid anymore. It kind of looked like the light was buzzing at a super high speed. It was kind of like a halogen light looks when its flickering on. It shot up, down, and side to side at angles about 4 times then just like a halogen light it flickered off and completely disappeared. I didn’t see it shoot off in any direction or see it go anywhere. It literally just blinked out and disappeared. I have never seen anything like that again, and I have been looking up at night for over 20 years to try to see it again. I have no idea what it was but whatever it was, it was DEFINITELY disguising itself as a star….and it was DEFINITELY some type of craft. It was moving with purpose and something was moving that thing. If anyone knows any other posts or sites where people are talking about the same thing please let me know. I have been trying to find people who have seen similar things. This has stuck with me all this time and I am still looking into it. Back when it happened there was really no internet and there was no google or Youtube to find anyone that also saw this type of thing. A few years ago I was looking online and I found a guy who wrote about when he was a kid laying on the beach at night and looking up at the stars in Los Angeles I think. He saw the exact same thing I did and this was back in the 70’s I believe. Whatever we are seeing has been going on a very long time.

  19. Emily says:

    I have seen this maybe two or three times before exactly as you described. I normally like looking out for satellites or the ISS going past, so at first I thought it was something like that. But as you say the movements are too erratic for currently existing technology, except maybe a drone, but a drone wouldn’t appear so high up or have the same magnitude as these lights. My sightings were in North Yorkshire, UK around 2006 and then 2014-15 as far as I can recall.

  20. kev-cra says:

    About a week ago my friends had me go outside around 3 to 4 AM and he pointed to a star. He said do you see this s**t? I looked and it had a slight flicker to it. It would dim ever so slightly and move back and forth up and down and do circles. We watched them for about 30 minutes. There were 2 stars moving that night. He was happy to know I too saw the movements. He said they have been doing it every night for months in OHIO from 3 to 4 AM.

  21. Ju says:

    Hi All. I’m from Bulgaria. For a long time I’m searching for some explanation of what I saw a long time ago. It was in year 2000 around 23:00. I was looking at the night sky and I saw stars moving in a circle exactly like the above post at medium speed. I observed them around 20 minutes. There were 5 or 6, but during this time nothing more happened so I decided to continue and I’m still asking myself what was that?

  22. Noname says:

    I am from Croatia. My friends and I were looking at the sky at around 9 PM when we saw 2 lights moving in circles. The stars were moving medium speed. They were circling and going front to back. My friends and I freaked out, but didn’t look away. The stars were moving like that for 15 to 20 minutes and then just disappeared. This happened in 2016, but lately I have been looking at the sky every day and yesterday I saw it again. It was the exact same thing, but this time there were 5.

  23. liv says:

    The same thing has been seen in North Carolina. I went outside at about 11:45 at night and I looked in the sky and saw a bright light. It moved back and forth and in a zigzag like motion ALIENS!!!!! are here!

  24. Connie says:

    I am in the town of Westwood, CA (Lassen County). These “lights”, literally, surround the town. There are three types. The ultra bright white, which seems to have dual lights, an amber one and the multi-hued red, blue and white flashing. They do move extremely fast, slow, and they can hover. One of the white ones came in low enough to spotlight the entire high school. Then, it moved over to the county dump, which it also turned to daylight. I wish I knew what these lights were. I am too freaked out to leave anywhere at night anymore. By the way, they are silent.

  25. Mick says:

    A friend and I saw something very similar about 20 years ago. It was about 6 to 7:00 PM on a clear night facing to the west of where we were standing in Mogo, NSW Australia. The lights were zigzagging down then up down up then around in circles very erratic as if they were playing tag or something. This went on for a few minutes then they just took off vertically and disappeared at super high speed..

  26. Helen (Poconos) says:

    In my sky, there is a set of about 15 of these zig zagging, up and down ‘stars’. These are always blue and occasionally have a small blast of lightening-like flashes behind them. The other thing that I have noticed is that, as the body of stars move from side to side during the nightly hours (IE: on the left of my hours in the evening, on the right in the early morning). These particular moving ‘stars’ are always in the same area. Some have mentioned that it’s a trick of the eye if you stare at them. However, the real stars are still while viewing these others as they zigzag, move in circles (sometimes wide) and a few times, have moved in a square. Often, they seem to be playing tag with each other.

    Anyway, these ‘stars’ are really bugging me. Are they UFO’s, air force maneuvers, maybe even drones? It is starting to drive me crazy because they NEVER leave the area. They are always there. They move around in the evenings, but are even more exaggerated in the very early morning hours.

  27. kyle justice says:

    I live in Kentucky and can also see these in the night sky here. The colors are mostly blue, followed by red, yet they flash so quickly at times you almost can’t tell what the other colors are at times. I have noticed yellow green and an amber-ish orange color being emitted as well. The objects whatever they happen to be do in fact move quite quickly at times in a circular formation and a random back and fourth zigzagging type motion, but it’s more of a circular zigzagging motion. I have noticed a couple of these while I am watching the sky at random times during the night. The one that I first noticed and keep my eye on mostly is usually a lot lower toward the horizon than most of the stars that you can normally see due to trees and the hilly landscape here. After researching what these might be it seems I just run across a lot of people that are just as clueless as the rest of the people that have noticed it in the sky. I am attempting to pursue some type of further knowledge on the object hoping that there will be a legitimate explanation of what this is from people who aren’t talking crap saying that it’s people just tripping out or thinking it’s a UFO, and when I say UFO. I highly doubt that this is a UFO or anything of the sort. I have personal belief that it perhaps may be a supernova that we are just catching the light from that is bright enough to catch yet far enough away that it wasn’t able to damage our celestial objects is our solar system, or perhaps a binary star that is getting very close to it’s ultimate fate of colliding with it’s neighboring star. Or it could even possibly be a pulsar which is spinning at such a rate that it is giving itself an erratic movement. Who knows?

    • Juan S. says:

      Ok, so I’m not crazy. And I guess that would explain why 2 people looking at the same sky & stars see different things. It seems like I have to either be staring at the same stars for awhile before it starts happening (1 of them moves erratically). It also kind of feels like I maybe have to focus A certain way, like what you do to see the hidden image/object in those 3D illusion posters

  28. Helen says:

    I live in the Poconos and this very same phenomena is happening here ALL the times. What are they?

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