Star Like Orbs Move “Every Which Way” & Collide.

Location of Sighting: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date of Sighting: March 5, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8:40 PM MST

Description: My friends and I were out in the Mesa stargazing on a truck bed. We had been talking about dark matter and multi universes when I realized a faint light moving around in the high night sky. I brought it to the others attention then what appeared to be 2 orbs moving around in different directions then what appeared to be 4 colliding orbs and moving every which way. My boyfriend brought it to everyone’s attention that if we turned to the left of us, (what had once just been a line of brighter stars) were now moving up diagonally into the sky. The top star would faint into a smaller less bright orb that would reach the others in the higher sky then one at the bottom would appear. (This happened consecutively for about 8 minutes.) Once the star looking orbs reached a certain point, they would disappear. We tried to keep up with them until there were no more to the left of us. The once aligned stars were now left with nothing, but a dark gap as if there were never stars there to begin with. It was crazy stuff. We’re still mind blown.

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