Straight Line of Bright Rectangular Lights.

Location of Sighting: Florissant, Colorado
Date oF Sighting: April 21, 2022
Time of Sighting: 11 PM to Midnight MDT

Description: We saw something like this on the same night over Florissant, CO on April 21st between 11:00 and Midnight. There were 12 or more witnesses. It was West of Highway 24, going Southeast, Very Slowly. I immediately drew a picture of what I saw when I returned home. We were at a Bar and Grill outside Smoking, when someone shouted, What is that? pointed upward passing above trees and power lines (Very Low) no noise, and moving slowly above us. It was a straight light of bright, rectangle lights (kinda like a bunch of fluorescent lights strung together in a line. We watched in amazement for up to a minute when it suddenly disappeared one light at a time as if going through a worm hole of sorts! My Friend started googling what it could be and said it is Starlink! A satellite released by Elon Musk. I couldn’t stop thinking about why would a satellite be so low and slow over a small community. Monday Morning April 25, I started googling Starlink. Elon was to release a bunch of Satellites on Sunday the 24th, so what exactly were we looking at? I did see that there was a Starlink Satellite that was North of the location that we saw the string of lights, but it was a bunch of dots in a line in the sky, very high up. I know there were plenty of witnesses to the object I saw and would love to hear if anyone else in the Woodland Park, Divide or Lake George Colorado saw this strange moving line of lights.

Note: The witnesses quite likely saw Star-Link communication satellites. There are many in the sky now and more are going to be launched. The witness was referring to a line of lights captured on video over Attica, IN on April 21, 2022. These lights were also likely Star-Link satellites.

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2 Responses to Straight Line of Bright Rectangular Lights.

  1. Zakari says:

    I saw a large bar of lights above Nampa, Idaho on 8/19/22 about 10:45 PM. I literally thought maybe the space station had fallen into the atmosphere because of it’s size but then it was there stationary for 10 minutes before it began to fade down to one point of light and then expanding back to the full bar. I don’t think it changed shape. It just seemed like some of the lights were turned off then back on in a smooth cascading pattern. Then it was just gone.

  2. Alfred P. says:

    My wife & I were sitting outside at about 18:30 on 18-05-2022 when an odd looking object glided over us from a west to east. The object consisted of about 20 square lights on each side in two straight parallel lines and were on continuously. I estimated it to be 1 kilometer in length. I could not tell whether it was in space or in our atmosphere. The address is Paradise Beach, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. We both got our cameras, but could not film it. I have never seen something so large in space. We spend quite a lot of evenings sitting outside & I always look for satellites & shooting stars/meteorites

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