Strange Formation of Lights Seen From Highway.

Location of Sighting: On Highway 93 Near Wikieup, Arizona
Date of Sighting: August 13, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11 PM MST

Description: I was driving South on 93 South of Wikieup, approximately where the Santa Maria River crosses the road. I saw what appeared to be the running lights of a plane, but the configuration was not correct and it looked like it was moving fast and flying through clouds, but I didn’t see any clouds. I would guess the altitude about 5,000 feet and it was south of my location. That light disappeared, but I then saw a single bright, amber light that appeared where I had last seen the first light. It burned for a few seconds then as it started to dim a group of three other lights similar to the second and appearing to be in a row lit up, then another one beside them lit up, they all burned for about 10 to 15 seconds and then they seemed to appear pretty much randomly. I couldn’t tell for sure, but they appeared to be heading away from me and maintaining altitude. They were not falling nor were they gaining altitude significantly. Finally only one light was burning. It seemed to glow a little brighter then it went out. I couldn’t see any objects associated with the lights. I just the lights themselves. The whole thing lasted about a minute.

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