Strange Grid Marks Found on Man’s Back.

Location of Sighting: Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Date of Sighting: July 26, 2017
Time of Sighting (Time of Photos): 1:17 PM CST



Description: Hello. Yesterday morning I noticed some marks on my husband’s back. The marks look like a grid of dots. They are like bruises. They are not raised or indented and do not hurt. I googled it and came across this email address. I myself have studied UFO’s and aliens for almost 10 years now just as a hobby of mine so I have come across stuff like this before in research. I will attach a few pictures of the marks, but they are kind of blurry. They are much more bold in real life. He does not remember any sort of dreams or anything, but he was super tired that day and didn’t know why.

Response From Witness: No, we talked for days about what could have caused this and nothing makes sense. He looked at work for something he could have leaned on but nothing was like that. I noticed as soon as I woke up and he was still sleeping so nothing happened before that and he never remembers his dreams, but he was really tired that next day. That is the only thing that stands out. This is pretty strange. What do you think of these marks? Could they possibly be something else? Is it something normal?

Note: The marks appear to be caused from something “external” and are probably not due to a skin condition.

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27 Responses to Strange Grid Marks Found on Man’s Back.

  1. Renee M D. says:

    Thursday, August 26, 2021
    My daughter came to me asking what was on her hand. It’s a grid-like rash. super symmetrical, no pain or itching. We do not have carpet, and she is super sensitive with her senses and has SPD (sensory processing disorder). She would have known if something was pushing into her skin that long to leave marks if it was clothes, fabric, or even an unseen puss caterpillar. (Which is actually known to be SUPER painful, so no one will not know if they get stung with that.) Here in Texas they are common. trust me, YOU WILL know if you get stung (LOL). We are completely puzzled.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your report. These grid-like markings are getting to be commonplace. Most people don’t know where they get them. I don’t think that I would want to get stung by a puss caterpillar!

  2. Diego says:

    Hey all!

    I’ve been searching regarding these marks and all I found are UFO related stuff. These marks appeared this past weekend. I don’t remember having the pattern on my back before, but somehow they appeared on the night of Sunday, March 14.

    I didn’t realized that until my wife told me, what have you done to your back? I asked her what and she took me a picture of my back. There are perfectly a row of four vertical lines which an average of 5 dots each, and there are some dots not well defined surrounding the defined dots (like blurred).

    I looked first if I’ve lean onto something on the bed but nothing have that pattern. I talked with a friend which is dermatologist and was told that the marks are due to a skin exposure to heat. So suddenly is a kind of burn that doesn’t hurt.

    After that and searching in Google, I found several pictures with the same kind of pattern which is artificial and not natural. As I work on systems, my guess is that this is not only a random pattern but a kind of binary code, like the one used by punch cards.

    Now the defy is to understand what it means.

  3. Karina says:

    I found the same exact marks on my arm one time. I was freaked out and tried to think of ways how this mark could of happened in my sleep, but I couldn’t even think of anything. I regret not taking a picture so bad now. I was just too freaked out. When I went on google to look up what these marks were because I thought it was some type of rash the first thing that popped up was alien marks which made me even more freaked out because they looked exactly the same as every photo like this one. I will never know what those weird marks were. Also this really weird thing happened around the same time I slept with my window open one time because it would be super hot at night and I woke up out of nowhere I was ASLEEP like in deep sleep. I wake up to someone saying my name “Karina” and I wake up and go “what?” Nobody was there. Everyone in my household was asleep. Since then I never sleep with the window open. I don’t know if that was some alien stuff, but I was really scared because it sounded like someone was outside my window.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi: Most people that report these patterned grid marks to me don’t recall any unusual experiences. Sounds like you got the marks coincident with an unusual experience. Keep your camera handy next time.

    • Claire says:

      My experience was near Paris, France at 3 PM.
      Hi: I noticed today the same type of grid mark on my back. I have been trying to figure out what it is, but nothing I could have leaned on has this particular pattern. It also seems to have appeared during the night as I didn’t see it the night before. The strange thing is this same type of grid mark appeared last year during the summer (more defined pattern than this time around) on my bum. The dots are not raised, and don’t hurt. I also don’t remember the dreams I had last night. I would be curious to get the insight of a medical professional (what he thinks at first glance of the photo that was posted). I myself am going to a dermatologist in a few months and I will make sure to ask what they think it is.

  4. T Monique says:

    I have these same exact marking on my back. My boyfriend and I recently took a trip up to the mountains and the next morning I woke up with strange markings on my back with no pain. And yes I have been having strange lucid dreams, but I have always had lucid dreams since I was young.

  5. Val says:

    Hello! I got the same marks, but on my forehead. I had dreamed about aliens that night. I saw white flashing lights as well. People might think I’m crazy, but it was a scary thing that happened and I just decided to stop talking about it. I would like to know more about your story. Maybe we might have something in common or we can find the answer to this.

    • Administrator says:

      It is noteworthy that you had a strange experience (dream) coincident with the marks. Most people with markings report no unusual experiences.

  6. William f delenbusch says:

    It’s me. I had those patterns. What is it? Am I special? Was I abducted? Will the greys come for me again?

  7. Stephen shallis says:

    I have the same marks on my back had them for ages now and I can’t explain it at all. I had some strange ones on my shins when I was a lot younger and I can’t explain them either!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for sending your comments. I am getting lots of reports from people with these markings.

      • Gerald D says:

        I went for a massage today and was asked what I did to my back. I had no idea so she took a photo and it was the oddest thing I have ever seen. I have 2 grids of red spots on my middle top of my back and the second is off to the right and a bit lower. Can anyone tell me what it is from or how I might have gotten it? It’s not my car seats. I checked and it’s not that nor do I wear shirts that may have caused it. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thank you.

        • Administrator says:

          Thanks for sending your report. I have yet to explain most of these red grid marks. They seem to be occurring with alarming frequency.

  8. Laura says:

    My husband got them yesterday. They are the same grid marks. We have no idea how they got there and they look just like the above picture.

    • Administrator says:

      Strange. I am sure getting a lot of reports of these red grid marks.

      • William f delenbusch says:

        Hello my name is William Dellenbusch. I live in Niagara on Lake Ontario, Canada and yes I noticed these red small holes in a grid pattern on my upper back. they were holes with no pain, no blood and nothing to explain how or were they come from. I didn’t lean on anything and I was not laying down on any surface that could have caused this strange pattern like grid. Feel free to Facebook me for further information. I’m sure my wife kept pictures of this incident. They were holes with no pain and no blood. Is this alien?

  9. Jakob says:

    I got these on my knee today! I didn’t even know what they were. It is very weird that they are so uniform and in a perfect grid pattern! Did you figure out what this was?

    • Administrator says:

      I have not been able to explain grid patterns that various witnesses have reported to me. It would be helpful if you could send some photos.

  10. Frank Callahan says:

    About a year ago I woke up and walked out to the kitchen when my dad asked what I had done to my back. I replied that I didn’t know what he was talking about. I then looked in the mirror and saw 5 hickey like markings on my back. They were running across my back in a perfect line. They never hurt. I couldn’t even feel them. The markings stuck around for about 4 to 5 days before disappearing with no trace.

  11. Holly Sledger says:

    Subject noticed dots approximately 13:30 on Monday November 26, 2018. Symptoms of excessive heat, vivid dreams are involved.

    • Dawn B. says:

      My 13 year old son woke up this morning and told me about a really strange dream he had involving aliens. He never tells me about dreams. He is extremely intelligent and from a young age we came to a conclusion that he receives downloads at night. When he changed out of pajamas later that afternoon he showed me 6 perfectly lined up dots in 3 rows.

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