Strange Lights Photographed Near Radio Tower.

Location of Sighting: Valleyford, Washington
Date of Sighting: 2002 and 2003
Time of Sighting: Nighttime


Description: I am the person who took that photo and submitted it to you. What I didn’t mention in my original submission is that I had taken over a thousand photos over the period of April 2002 to February 2003. Almost all photos were taken with a 35-mm camera attached to a small telescope. I also recorded some video. All of this sat in boxes until a few months ago when I started going through everything. I have photos of a wide variety of lights and objects. One thing that I photographed repeatedly were objects that seemed to be having fun with the local radio towers. I will attach a couple of examples. The first is a short time exposure of an object rising up from the trees in front of a tower. I have other photos of objects descending down into the trees! The second is an approximate 3 second time exposure of an object flying very close to a tower.

Note: The witness is the referring to the photo and sighting of a strange shaped red-orange in Valleyford, WA in Feb, 2002. This same witness took the photo. Strange lights have been noted for years in this area of Eastern Washington. The exact origin of the lights is unknown.

It is difficult to interpret the lights in the photo. There could be 3 lights with the middle light blinking. The long term exposure of the camera would account for the length of the light field. The length would be due to movement of the lights.

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