Strange Photo Taken in 1944, Alien, Scarecrow or??

Location of Sighting (Photo): Portland, Oregon
Date of Sighting: Winter, 1944



Description: William,
Hi: I am hoping you remember me. I used to live in the Yakima, WA area and sent you several photos of UFO’s which you authenticated. However, I have not been in contact with you in 2 to 3 years now. Also, I told you awhile back that I was writing a book called “Unholy Alliances: Authorized Abductions” which is now currently sold through Amazon and has now sold in 13 countries so far. In my book, I included my UFO submissions and your responses from your old website. I know now you have moved to Montana or Wyoming (sorry I can’t remember which state).

My reason for contacting you is because a relative of mine has an original phot of an alien that she claims was a stuffed dummy or scarecrow or something and her husband believes it is real. There is quite a bit of back story to this photo which I do not want to go into until I hear from you. You are the only person I can contact that is a professional in this field and I respect your opinion. I don’t have any good editing program on my computer. However, this photo is a picture of a picture. I took a photo with my cell phone camera of her original photo so make sure you understand I DID NOT take this original photo. However, beyond that, there is no editing whatsoever. To the best of my ability, I tried to analyze it, but I am not sure if it is real or not. I am asking that you completely tear apart this photo and tell me what you think. I can tell you more of the story later, but to me there are some very odd things about this photo. I have not seen on the internet anywhere this kind of photo to compare it to, real or fake.

My thoughts are this (that lean toward it being real):

1. Is that a real leg (his left)???

2. Why are there 3 dots in the background that could represent a real triangle ship (often associated with alien sightings)?

3. I can see somewhat of a spine and a pelvic bone structure.

5. There is an incredible amount of detail on the face (ears, slanted eyes, etc.) that most people would not go into if they were creating a dummy.

6. My mom viewed this photo and said she thought she saw very tiny teeth.

7. Why does “it” not have any arms below the elbow area?

8. Why is the waist so thin and tiny if it was a scarecrow (doesn’t a scarecrow have stuffed papers or straw in the body making it lumpy?)

9. The shoulders seem very sharply defined.

10. I did not see any string from the top of it’s head so it couldn’t be attached to anything. Therefore, it also looks like it’s “floating” on the grass rather than walking in it. Is that a real foot too?

11. The top half of the outfit looks like it is overalls, but the bottom half looks different. Why is the leg so skinny?

12. The large object to the right of this thing (his left) is supposedly a “shed” and the other side looks like just sky and darkness. But if it is a shed, it looks strange. It looks almost aluminum and has deep scratches and indentations in it. To me, it doesn’t look like any shed I have ever seen, but I couldn’t tell you either what I think it could be.

Please tell me what you think. If this looks to be a fake, please tell me why you think so. I will provide additional information as you request.
Thank you,

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! Here is the backstory:

The owner of this original picture is my 2nd cousin who is in her early 70’s now. She said it was taken in the winter of 1944 in Portland, OR when she was 2 to 3 years old. (She was born in 1942). She lived on a chicken farm back then which also had a cornfield around the property. The picture was taken by her mom and dad. (Her mom just passed away last month so I cannot ask her any questions now and the dad has long since passed.)

She remembers her mom coming into the house to grab her camera and wanted her and her dad to join her outside as she took this picture. She said her mom said it would “be funny” to take a photo because it did look so alien like and it was supposed to be a joke because no one would believe it. Now a little history on her mom: She was a major drinker and drank excessivley throughout her life, only stopping when she was in her 60’s. Her death was not related to any alcohol and she lived to be in her late 90’s when she died of natural causes. I knew her mom fairly well because my mom idolized her mom and so I grew up knowing her mom well who lived in Seattle most of her life. However, I never once heard any story about this “dummy”/”alien” from either her or my mom. My own mom is open to UFO’s, aliens, abductions, etc. and I’m quite sure my mom spoke openly to her about these things (as she did to many members of our family), but strangely, as close as they were, this was never mentioned between the two of them. It’s like my cousin’s mom had no memory of it whatsoever. My cousin, her daughter, who was around 2 to 3 at the time does not remember any details because it happened so long ago, but said she did remember her mom bringing her outside to take this picture. She only remembers going outside with her mom and nothing else.

I don’t really know what to believe knowing alcohol played a factor possibly, but who knows. Maybe there was no alcohol involved whatsoever at the time. There just seems to be strange circumstances surrounding this photo.

I do want to say that alien abductions – as we all know now – run strong in certain genetic lines. I have had two missing time episodes (you are well aware of my history), my mom has seen UFO’s and she herself has missing time. Also, my grandmother lived in Skykomish most of my life growing up and my grandma would tell me she saw them too in the mountains. In fact that region of WA is a very remote area. I grew up with stories of various people in that town and the surrounding areas of sightings. There are many more relatives with various experiences with abductions, etc. It doesn’t seem too far fetched to think that something really did happen to this particular relative although I didn’t hear about any stories attached to her while I was growing up.

Anyways, I think I answered your questions, but will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have. I did ask for the original and she was more comfortable with sending a copy of it instead. Please tell me how or where I can make the best copy and where you would like me to send it to.

Note: This photo probably has a conventional explanation, but analysis is difficult if not impossible. If the original negatives were available, perhaps some analysis could be conducted, but the owner does not want to let go of the original. Perhaps this was some sort of prank that the photographer was playing on friends or family?

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