Strange Red Markings Appear on Man’s Shoulder.

Location of Sighting: Twin Cities, Minnesota
Date of Sighting: July 7 and 8, 2012 (Based on Date Photos Were Taken)


Description: Hi guys:  This happened about 4 years ago, these strange marks are located on my left shoulder, and I have never been able to explain it. Does a spider bite look like this, or is is possibly something else? I don’t recall anything strange from that night. I Just noticed them one morning after taking a shower, so I’m not exactly sure when or where it happened. If they were bug bites, it sure is a strange configuration.

Note: One of the comments below stated that the spots could be “shingles.” That is a possibility. However, the shingles outbreaks that I have seen generally don’t have an “organized pattern” like in the above photo. The shingles spots look like a bad rash and are not in an organized pattern.

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2 Responses to Strange Red Markings Appear on Man’s Shoulder.

  1. Mafinc80 says:

    It appears to be signs of morgellions. This is a real epidemic not recognized by the medical community. It’s easier to take take the blue pill. People always fear what they can’t understand. I am familiar with the marks and what I believe to be the cause. I have pictures of store bought materials, friends hair and skin samples. I have videos of what looks like nano-biological mites also known and similar to nano dust nano tech and bacterial biofilm emitting florescent or light.

  2. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I would be interested to learn the age of this man since this looks like a shingles outbreak, although shingles usually presents itself on the trunk of the body, not the arm. If he was over 50 when this occurred, I would say that might be the cause.

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