Strange Shaped Metallic Object Seen & Videotaped.

Location of Sighting: Redmond, Washington
Date of Sighting: November 15, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4:30 PM PST

Video of Strange Shaped Metallic Object.

Description: Good evening William: My daughter saw a strange object around 4:30 PM today in Redmond, Washington. Attached is the video. What do you think? Could it be a drone? She said she didn’t hear any sounds.She was with her husband and they both saw the same thing.

Thank you again for your time.

Note: The video shows that the object was moving erratically and shows it descending rapidly. The object appears metallic and that it was rotating on it’s axis. I don’t think that it was a drone.

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6 Responses to Strange Shaped Metallic Object Seen & Videotaped.

  1. Blair Partlow says:

    Hmmm about 55 miles north of me too far to see sadly. I would have loved to get a glimpse of this myself as it is absolutely a fantastic video report! Keep em coming!

  2. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett. l must say that this videoed U.A.O. and report is remarkably good. It’s obvious that this is some sort of solid aerial object that seems to be rotating and/or has a blinking light source and was at some distance of a mile or less from the observers. I recall at least two very similar photographically recorded reports much like this one in that they were daylight sightings, were quite similar in shape and size, and performed similar maneuvers, although they were individually photographed with a series of two to four still pictures, and some were somewhat clearer than this video report! Just what these objects actually are and what were they there for is what is up for grabs, but still, this is a fine report! My thanks to those who submitted it, and to you for posting it for us to see!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi: Thanks for your comments. Yes, I believe that this is a real UFO. It should have been seen by many as that is a highly populated area.

  3. Jim says:

    This is a very good UFO video. I have seen and video recorded this type many times here in Oregon long before drones existed. They were smooth spherical saucer shaped rotating and or wobbling with self illuminated or reflected light flashes and all black or black only on the bottom. The object is hovering then starts to slowly drop a short distance then makes a 90 degree turn to the left for another short distance then a second 90 degree turn to a faster drop straight down and out of view behind the trees. It is a nice video capture.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, I agree with your observations. This is one “for the books.” The debunkers are going to have a hard time with this one.

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