Strange Shaped Object Flies in Unnatural Path.

Location of Sighting: Seattle, Washington (Near Sea-Tac Airport)
Date of Sighting: Sep 11, 2017
Time of Sighting: 12:28 PM PDT



Description: I saw this very low in the air by my work yesterday with coworkers. It was the size of a helicopter. It was flying in a unnatural path. I have a normal photo and a zoomed in photo. It happened at 12:28 PM. It lasted maybe 4 to 5 minutes. This was in Seattle in south of downtown on airport road at my work at Seattle Barrel Company. It flies to the left in the picture I will send. It was red on top and the bottom was a gold color. It was a sunny day.

Witness Responses to Investigator Questions: Yeah it was very strange. It was directly in front of me at first. It was about a football field and a half away. It was in a straight path. But when I pointed it out to my coworkers and managers it started to go up and down out of sight through what little bit of trees were there. Once there were no more trees it was fully exposed. That’s when I took the picture you see. Then it made a sharp left heading up over my work building in to the sky.

It made no sound at all. And it wade it make a pivot turn. And it didn’t fly in the direction it pivoted. It just flew up. I looked up traffic drones to see if it were one. It’s nothing similar. It’s bigger than a traffic drone as well even though those are big themselves. It was the size of a large helicopter. It flew similar to a balloon, but was traveling too fast and making turns a balloon would not. And when I pointed it out to my coworkers it seemed it was trying to get out of sight. It was very close. I wish I had taken a video. The picture makes it look further away. But I saw it very close. I’m surprised this was in Seattle no one reported this to the news? It was only about 300 feet up in the sky.
I had witnesses with me as well. There were other witnesses. I was the first to take notice and pointed it out. It didn’t look of this planet in flight Path or it’s shape. Look at the round balls on the bottom. It had zero opening for a propeller or jet??

Note: The object does not appear to be a drone. A drone that close would have made some sound. The witness said that it flew quite erratically and made no sound. The witness seems to be sincere and I don’t believe that the photo is a hoax. There were also other witnesses, but they have not been interviewed.

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3 Responses to Strange Shaped Object Flies in Unnatural Path.

  1. Observer says:

    I doubt the size listed, because there doesn’t appear to be anything to compare the object with. It just looks like a balloon of some sort to me.

  2. Jim says:

    This a very interesting report and object. I am in Sherwood, OR and I was UFO sky watching at 12 noon on this day of sighting and for about 3 seconds I saw a silver sun reflecting object appear and disappear. It was at least 3,000 feet feet up. It may be related?

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