Strange Shaped Object Photographed by Mansion in UK.

Location of Sighting: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: September, 2018
Time of Sighting: Early Afternoon (Around 1 PM)


Description: You could not see this object with the naked eye, but I felt something was in the sky so I took the photo. Enlarge it and you will see. It was taken in the gardens of the Rothschild Mansion in Buckinghamshire, UK. I felt uneasy, but not comfortable at all about the place. The house was filled with goat and ram Luciferian art and it had a dark and uncomfortable energy. I thought there is something like a portal in that cloud above the house I felt it and there it was. I didn’t know where else to send it. I want to retain my privacy thank you.

Witness Response to Investigation Questions: The photo was taken in Sep, 2018 I am not sure of the UK time, but I think it was early afternoon after lunch.

I’ve had numerous sightings and lucid abductions also.

I don’t talk publicly about these as people think you’re insane. I’ve had them since childhood and I’m in my 50’s now.

Please let me assure you that I’m totally honest and have no reason to lie.

I’m also highly intuitive so I don’t know if it’s because of my experiences or the other way round. My grandfather was extremely psychic too. My experiences have not been super bad, but I do suffer from a lot of insomnia and sometimes anxiety at night.

I had fully awake day experiences and interacted as well as fragmented night time ones with missing time and dialogue.

When will this be totally mainstream I wonder?

I knew which cloud to photograph I knew, but I don’t know how as you could not see it with the naked eye. It was clear, hot, sunny day.

Note: I believe that the unknown object in the photo is an out-of-focus insect.

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