Strange Shaped Object Photographed Near Bellevue, WA

Location of Sighting: Bellevue, Washington (Over Cougar Mountain)
Date of Sighting: September 20, 2020
Time of Sighting: 5:35 PM PDT


Description: I saw the same thing as posted on your site Sept 11, 2017 over Bellevue/Cougar Mountain on Sep 20 this year. Has this sighting been solved or identified? I have a few photos. See one of them above.

Additional Details Provided by Witness: I saw it in person. It made no sound and was moving East. I was standing at around 1,400 feet when I took photos. In photo with tree, lower left is corner of one story house/roof. My wife and I both saw and each took photos. the photos were from mobile phone cameras. I am guessing that the object was 15 feet long. The four “wheel” looking appendages did not pivot or change angle. It remained upright, that is with four“wheels” oriented as they are in photo. the interior of the “wheels” looked silver. It did not produce it’s own light and just seemed to reflect sunlight. There was no exhaust or discharge of any kind. The “Body” looked mostly red. I am guessing it was traveling at 30 MPH. It did not turn or change direction. There was very slight wind at time.(Clearly it was moving under it’s own power.) I saw no tow plane or anything else in the sky. The path was over a very densely populated area and just south of I-90 (though would have been visible looking up from that interstate). My first thought was that it was a massive drone or a flying cartoon car (LOL). I still have no idea. I asked friends who work at Amazon in Seattle for any intel on beta tests for drones or the like, but came up empty.

Note: The witness is referring to the sighting of an erratic moving strange shaped craft in Seattle, WA. The object is very strange and I don’t think it is a balloon or drone.

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3 Responses to Strange Shaped Object Photographed Near Bellevue, WA

  1. Lina says:

    WHOA. It totally DOES, look like, an RC remote controlled truck flying through the sky! But as far as I know, RC has flying helicopters and planes, but no flying trucks!
    Because that would be the coolest toy ever. Hahah. Seriously though, if this is legit, it is a very cool sighting/photo capture!

  2. Bilko says:

    This looks like a remote controlled truck that is flying.

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