Strange Sounds Awaken People. Police Called.

Location of Sighting: New Hyde Park, New York
Date of Sighting: January 1, 2019
Time of Sighting: 4:30 AM EST

Description: There was a strange noise ( wild turkeys, but lower pitch ) at 4:30 AM on 1-1-19. We were awakened by it and it occurred 3 times. My neighbor has 2 dogs, non of them barked. In fact, the 6 dogs in my neighborhood, never barked. These dogs bark when a leaf falls off a tree. Later I called the local police department and was told that, they were flooded with calls, starting at 4:30 AM. When I asked what was the cause, I was told that they could not discuss it. If it were kids pulling a prank with a cell phone, they would have said something. When I drove into work on 1-2-19, my driving was completely “out of character”. I wish I had a Geiger counter, so I could check my backyard. What do you think? I am afraid to stay in my house alone.

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  1. Dabby says:

    This a government cover up. They are spying on you in the night.

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