Strange White Curved Vertical Streak Seen. Photo Taken.

Location of Sighting: Pinetown, Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa
Date of Sighting: Mid August, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10:30 AM Local Time


Description: Yo whomever: About mid August, 2020, I was heading north along N7 highway; halfway between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam town more or less at 10:30 AM. As I was rounding a bend I saw what I thought was a sun reflection on my car windscreen, then as I followed the road curving to my left, the “reflection” wasn’t in front, now on my right, a bit puzzled why the same reflection would now be on my left. It was overcast with rain clouds moving in and the sun not or scarcely visible, so I wound my the window down and it was still there. I stopped to get my camera. The object (or whatever it was) had moved, but slow. I did have to speed a bit to catch up. It didn’t seem to be in a hurry. I got got ahead and pulled over to take this photo. I first checked for cloud moving and the light was getting ahead again so I took the shot. The photo has those curved ray like features that I didn’t see with my naked eye, not even with my glasses on. I decided I’ll get ahead of whatever it was once more for some more shots. While going through a dip between the hills trying to navigate and keep an eye on it I lost sight of it. At the top of the hill I pulled over looking for the light – alas – nothing more. I waited about half an hour then carried on with my trip. You guys are, I think, qualified to identify it.

Note: This is a strange case. The streak (or object) could be some sort of meteorological phenomenon, but I can’t identify it. Yes. it could also be a “real” UFO.

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2 Responses to Strange White Curved Vertical Streak Seen. Photo Taken.

  1. Frank Barone says:

    It looks like a sundog to me. There should be other parts to it that are not in the frame. It is a meteorological event.

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