String of Hundreds of Satellite Type White Lights in Line.

Location of Sighting: Scappoose, Oregon
Date of Sighting: October 14, 2020
Time of Sighting: 6 to 6:12 PM PDT

Description: I saw a string of hundreds of orbital satellite type white lights. They were traveling in a line from southwest to northeast filling sky full. They were somewhat equally spaced and were traveling at the same speed.

My husband was taking the dogs out for morning duties, looked up and noticed this long unending line of lights traveling across the sky. He rushed into the house to awaken me. I ran outside and saw them. My husband ran in to get his cell phone to video. However video does not show much due to distance and lighting. It came to an end about 5 minutes after I arrived. He didn’t see the beginning so he didn’t know how long it began.

The event time 06:00 AM to 06:12 AM. The sky was mostly clear and the lights disappeared due to clouds to the NE.

Note: The witnesses likely saw star-link communication satellites.

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