Substantial Amount of White Orb Lights Beam Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: London, England
Date of Sighting: March 30, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8:45 PM Local Time

Center map

Description: Around 8:40 to 9:30 PM I saw a substantial amount of white orb lights beaming across the night sky. I closely recorded footage, but due to night fall and atmospheric particles the footage is blurred. However by eye I counted 17 white orbs flying at least 1 mile apart at a speed of at least 700/1,000 MPH. Upon watching in ore for around 30 minutes I noticed the orbs appearing out of nowhere It was almost like a portal was opened around the “Big Dipper” containing a small cluster of stars that would radiate light and produce these white orbs flying across the sky. It was super strange and what is more crazy is that I have witnessed this for 3 days solid at the same time each night. On the 31st March of 2020 I was unable to see due to cloud cover.

Note: The witness likely saw Star-Link satellites.

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