Summer, 1997 – Route 66 Highway, Arizona – Mid Afternoon

Description: In the summer of 1997 my husband and I were driving along old Route 66 in Arizona. It isn’t a well traveled road anymore and I think there was only one car in front of us. It was mid afternoon when we came over a slight hill and saw 3 extremely large objects. They were in the sky above us and in front of us. They were sparkling spheres and two were symmetrical in location to each other and the one in the middle was slightly higher than the two on each side. The alignment of all three looked perfect. All three were the same size. They looked enormous and I must say quite beautiful. My husband and I were not afraid. We kept discussing what it was we were seeing. We thought perhaps it was something from the air bases in Nevada. We thought it might be birds. The spheres moved and looked like a helix. They reminded me of old fashioned barber shop signs. There was no color that we could make out. All three sparkled. They looked like they were made of pieces of aluminum foil to me. I expected to see these glittery pieces of the spheres fall, but nothing fell from the sky. We kept driving and the spheres seemed to be still in the sky. This went on for at least 15 minutes if not longer. I don’t know if you will believe me, but right in front of us as we were looking, driving and talking all three vanished. They were just gone. We saw these three spheres then in a blink they were gone. We continued on our trip never speaking about it again or telling anyone about it. We did not discuss it between us either. I did call a UFO number I found in the 411 directory and reported it. Then talking to friends this year 2013 my husband and I shared our experience and our friends shared theirs. They live in Santa Rosa and see “many things in the sky.” (This is their words, not mine.) I have to say again my husband and I did not experience fear. I am just wondering what they could be. We saw something, but what I can’t tell you? Thank you for taking my experience.

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  1. WALTER T. ROGERS says:

    Arizona Seems to Be A UFO HOT SPOT! I Have Seen Things There Myself!

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