Summer, 2009 – Douglasville, Georgia – 7 to 9 PM EDT

Description: I was standing at the crest of a hill, on a bright moonlit night, looking at the moon, which was almost directly in front of me, at a level even with my forward gaze. As I watched, an object passed between the moon and where I stood, about an inch below the plane of the moon as measured by my fingers held directly in front my eyes. I couldn’t see the object itself, only the bright metallic reflection of the moonlight as the object passed underneath the plane. Because of the way the light reflected from the top of the object, I could tell that it was cylindrical, and slowly rotating sideways in an end to end fashion, with the end of the cylinder pointing directly at me as it reached the mid-point of the interval of reflection, directly beneath the moon. Because of the size of the reflection, and the clarity with which I could see it, I could not imagine that it was anything that corresponded with anything that was supposed to be up there, and, in fact, it didn’t seem that far away. And from the size of the reflection, it was surprisingly large. I have no idea what this was. I saw this while performing my duties as a Security Guard at an outdoor therapeutic facility.

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