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Gray Blimp Like Object Hovers, Moves Downward, Disappears.

Location of Sighting: Lake View, New York Date of Sighting: Late July, 2017 Time of Sighting: Between 11 AM and 3 PM EDT Description: I saw a blimp shaped object hovering over the trees about two weeks ago then it … Continue reading

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Woman Takes Photos While Driving. “Blimp-Like” Object Found in Background.

Location of Sighting: Lynnwood, Washington Date of Sighting: April 6, 2016 Time of Sighting: 4 PM PDT Description: UFOs Northwest: While recently driving on the freeway and sighting some unusual clouds, I took a few photos with my cell phone. … Continue reading

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Man Sees Dark Object Hovering in Clouds. Photo Taken.

Location of Sighting: Chesapeake Bay (Exact Location Not Specified) Date of Sighting: May 23, 2015 Time of Sighting: 3:30 PM to 8:45 PM EDT Description: I was fishing in the Chesapeake bay today, and I looked up for a moment … Continue reading

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November 22, 2013 – Mount Pleasant, Michigan – 10 PM EST

Description: We saw an object that was floating around above a field and kept moving around above the field. The colors I saw at first were blue, red and sometimes a white light then it started glowing purple. We watched … Continue reading

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October 8, 2013 – Palos Verdes, California – 7 or 8 PM PDT

Description: I did see something unusual off my balcony on 10/8/2013 at 7 or 8 PM. I live in Torrance and my balcony faces west towards Redondo but, I can also see the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I am 2 miles … Continue reading

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