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Flashing Light Moves Around Sky, Leaves Trail.

Location of Sighting: Scamander, Tasmania, AustraliaDate of Sighting: June 9, 2021Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM Local Time Description: I was on my driveway. We live in the bush, and I let the dogs out and they go and so do … Continue reading

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Over 50 Objects Moving North to South at High Speed.

Location of Sighting: Camano Island, Washington Date of Sighting: June 23, 2020 Time of Sighting: 3:20 AM PDT Description: I first I got it on my DVR. There was a line of over 50 what I call vehicles moving from … Continue reading

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Object Flickering White, Red Flies Fast, Leaves Smoke Trail.

Location of Sighting: Sydney, AustraliaDate of Sighting: March 2, 2020Time of Sighting: 4:58 AM Local Time Description: I live in Sydney, Australia, and it is 4:58 AM right now and I’m just going to explain the sequence of events I … Continue reading

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