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Top Cases Recently Reported (Since Jan. 1, 2012)

Archived Top Cases (Reported Prior to 2012):
Cases in Descending Order by Date

October 20, 2010 – Lover’s Point, Monterey, California
Woman Sees Huge Bright Ring Ascend From Ocean. Power Outage Occurred.

August 29, 2010 – Lafayette, Indiana
Hospital Worker Sees Some Sort of Creature Ascend Slowly Over Traffic Light

August 28, 2010 – Fort Worth, Texas
Woman Has Terrifying Experience During Middle of Night

August 28, 2010 – El Centro, California
Man Shoots Video of Aerial Triangular Object

August 15, 2010 – Cincinnati, Ohio
Woman Hears Ripping, Tearing Sound. Sees Large Airborne Rectangular Object.

July 31, 2010 – Green Mountain Reservoir, Colorado
Formation of 6 Military Jets Photographed. Unknown Objects Seen in Photo.

July 23, 2010 – Seattle, Washington
Man Sees UFO Over Downtown Area. Several Photos Taken.

July 20, 2010 – Antioch, California
Man Takes Video of Cigar Shaped Object in Daytime Skies

July 13, 2010 – Montebello, California
Man Says He Encountered Unknown Entities During Night

July 11, 2010 – Brecize, Slovenia
Flying Saucer Discovered in Background of Photo

July 9, 2010 – Monee, Illinois
Woman Terrified by Aerial Light & Interference With Her Car Lights

June 24, 2010 – Angelus Oaks, California
Man Takes Photo of Circular Object With White Glowing Lights

May 27, 2010 – Santorini Island, Greece
Man Finds Unknown Object in Background of Vacation Photo

May 11, 2010 – Oakland, California
Aerial Object Flies Through NBC Today Show Scene

May 6, 2010 – Rogers, Arkansas
Family Sees Metallic Cigar Shaped Object Follow Departing Aircraft

April 21, 2010 – Newberg, Oregon
Man Sees 2 Military Jets Chasing Bright Disk Shaped Object

April 14, 2010 – Norman, Oklahoma
Photos Reveal Strange Contrails

March 21, 2010 – Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada
Woman Becomes Sickened by Low Flying Object With Buzzing Sound

March 19, 2010 – Vian, Oklahoma
2 Police Officers See Bright Flashing Aerial Object Change Direction

Special Report:
March 13, 2010 – Mass Sighting of Anomalous Lights in Seattle, Washington Area
Several Groups of Witness See Anomalous Lights in Night Sky

March 3, 2010 – Over Gulf of Mexico on Flight From Atlanta, GA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Man Sees Disk Shaped Object From Airliner Window

January 29, 2010 – Beginning of Flight From Visby to Stockholm, Sweden
Man Sees Strange Object From Airliner Window. Photo Taken.

January 25, 2010 – San Bernardino, California
Couple See Several Erratic Moving Aerial Lights. Photo Taken.

November 23, 2009 – Tracy, California
Large Aerial Object ZigZags & Moves Up & Down. Photos Taken.

November 5, 2009 – On Highway 100 Between Waterbury & Stowe, Vermont
Huge Object Seen in Clouds in Mountains of Vermont. Photo Taken.

October 9, 2009 – Portland, Oregon
Large Flaming Orange Object Seen in Night Sky. Photo Taken.

September, 2009 – Pittsburg, Kansas
Alien Encounter or Lucid Dream?

August 23, 2009 – Mattawa, Washington
Man & His Mother Say That They Saw Strange Looking Creature

August 1, 2009 – Newcastle, Washington
Quadrangular Object With 3 Lights on Corner and 1 Toward Center Sighted in Daylight

July 20, 2009 – Plano, Texas
Large Triangular Object Passes Over House. Emits Low Hum.

June 26, 2009 – Between North Platte & Kearney, Nebraska
Woman Sees “Classic Flying Saucer” Land Behind Grain Silo

May 28, 2009 – Dorset-Broadstone, England
Witness Sees Hovering Egg Shaped UFO. Records Sound.

March 25, 2009 – Medina Lake (Near San Antonio, Texas)
Man & Daughter Terrified by Close Encounter With Hovering Object

February 15, 2009 – Hays, Montana
Family Terrified by Light With “Lightning-Like Tentacles”

January 24, 2009 – Yavatmal, Maharashtra State, India
Man Sees Bright Shiny Object in Daytime Sky. Photo Taken.

January 17, 2009 – Iwakuni Marine Base (Hiroshima, Japan)
Spherical Objects Photographed Near Helicopter

July 24, 2008 – Spokane, Washington Area
Surveyors See 2 Objects Hover, Move, & Execute 90 Degree Turns in Daytime Sky

May 2, 2008 – Morganton, Georgia
More Photos Taken of Airborne Dark Triangular Objects

March 30, 2008 – Port Townsend, Washington
Woman Sees Bright Light Out Window. Later Sees 2 Strange Figures in Bedroom

March 21, 2008 – Altamonte Springs, Florida
Two Witness Bright Light That Emitted Loud Sound. Photo Taken.

Early February, 2008 – kailua, Hawaii
Man Takes Photo of Object That Later “Shot Straight Up” at Supersonic Speed

December 18 , 2007 – On Cruise Ship Near St Thomas, Virgin Islands
Woman Sees Object Ascend From Water and Emit 6 Balloon Shaped Ascending Objects

June or July, 2007 – Redbird, Nebraska
Mutilated Cow Found With Reproductive Organs Removed. Animal Lived for 30 Minutes

Mid June, 2007 – Sparks, Maryland
Woman Recalls Encounter With Entity That Had “Alien-Type” Eyes

May 27, 2007 – Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Man Discovers Disk Shaped Object in Photos Taken of a Farm

April 6, 2007 – Near New Palestine, Indiana
Woman Has Close Encounter With Bright Object. Sustains Minor Burns.

March 31, 2007 – Redondo Beach, California
Photo Taken of Metallic Flying Saucer

February 5, 2007 – Max, North Dakota
Photo Taken of Object Through Vehicle Windshield

2006 – Cleveland, Ohio
Witness Recalls Encounter With Green Crystal in Living Room

December 16, 2006 – Crosby, Texas
Woman Has Close Encounter With Entity With Red Eyes

December 2, 2006 – Nellis Air Force Base Bombing Range, Nevada (Area 51)
Google Earth Image Shows Strange Disk Object Ascending From Desert

November 7, 2006 – O’ Hare Airport – Chicago, Illinois
Several United Airlines Employees Spot Flying Saucer Hovering Over Passenger Gate

December 23, 2005 – Max, North Dakota
Man Snaps Photo of Unknown Object Near ICBM Missile Silos

September 4, 2005 – Foley, Missouri
Men Chase Huge Green Light Down Mississippi. Boat Engines All Quit

August 26, 2005 – St-Joseph, Reunion Island – Indian Ocean
Man Takes Photo of UFO With New Digital Camera – Authorities Notified

May 21, 2005 – Kailua Kona, Hawaii (Big Island)
Couple Terrified by Invasion of Lights Shaped Like Human Eye

February 22, 2005 – Mt. St. Helens, Washington
Pilot Takes Several Photos of UFOS Over Mt. St. Helens

March 25, 2004 – Omaha, Nebraska
Airliner Reports UFOs – Listen to Conversation Between Crew and Air Traffic Control

Dec. 30, 2003-Dec. 12, 2004 – Eatonville WA/Anchorage, AK
Man Continues to Have Encounters With Mysterious Beings

Nov. 15, 2001 – Enumclaw, WA
Woman Encounters Mysterious Red Orb

Mar. 1, 2001 – Salt Lake City, UT –
Strange Airborne Ring Sighted

2000 (Exact Date Unknown) – Remote Area About 15 MI WSW of Olympia, WA
Man Recalls See Flying Disk Perched on Logging Road

August 15, 2000 – 14 Miles East of North Bend, Washington
Campers Have Terrifying Encounter With Unknown Beings

November 10, 1999 – Spottsville, Kentucky
Man Sees Jetliner Avoid UFO. Military Jets Pursue UFO.

January or February, 1999 – Amidon, North Dakota
Mother & Daughter Have Strange Encounter With the Unknown.

August – December, 1998 – Whiteman Air Force Base (Knob Noster, Missouri)
Security Patrolmen See Large Slow Moving Triangular Craft Fly Over Base

January 6, 1997 – Herington, Kansas
Couple Have Close Encounter With huge Low Flying Object in Night Sky

April, 1996 – Near Dayton, Nevada
Man Says He Encountered Creatures in a Large Ship – Lost 9 Hours Time

August, 1994 – Echo Park, California (Suburb of Los Angeles)
Man Has Close Encounter With Craft & Entities

November, 1993 – Seattle, Washington
Man Sees Huge Black Triangle Move Slowly Over Airport

June or July, 1992 – Houston, Missouri
Retired Police Officer Recalls Night of “Strange Happenings”

October, 1990 – Almont, Michigan
Man and Son See Huge “Flying Saucer” Type Craft

1985 – 1989 – Flight From Palm Springs, California to Portland, Oregon
Flight Attendant Recalls “Unearthly” Passengers on Aircraft

June 20, 1987 – Near Cedar Point, Ontario, Canada
Pilot Recalls Chasing a Dull Silver Flying Saucer

July, 1985 – Pinetop, Arizona (Received August 21, 2005)
Movie Producer Inadvertently Snaps Picture of UFO

Summer, 1983 – Whiteman AFB, Missouri
Veteran Recalls UFO Encounter Over Buildings Housing Nuclear Weapons

1979 – 32 Street Navy Base – San Diego, California
Navy Veteran Claims to Have Seen Debris From Roswell UFO Crash

July 4, 1977 – Toppenish, Washington
Woman Has Close Encounter With Flying Saucer – Sees People on Board

September, 1973 – Newquay, Devon, England
Man Takes Photo While on Duty in British Military

March 22, 1967 – Climax, Colorado
Field Technician Snaps Photo of UFO Near Weather Station

Nov., 1965 – Lake City, WA –
Egg Shaped Craft Lands Near Family Home

Sep.- Oct, 1963 – Unknown Location
Did Pres. John Kennedy Observe a Flying Saucer at a Secret Airbase?

Summer, 1955 – Eulonia, Georgia
Two Young Girls Have Close Encounter With Large Flying Saucer

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